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Introduction and New Criticism
Introduction: Text and Context
Approach :
  • New Critical approach to poems: form as organism
  • New Critical Approach: questions
  • General Introduction/New Criticism


    New Critical approach to poems and narratives:             poems on gendered quests in nature in 19th century British culture
    Romantic Quest: William Wordsworth
  • John Keats ("Belle Dame" and "Melancholy") and Lord Alfred Tennyson ("Lady Shalott")
  • New Criticism & Application
     Feminism and Gender Studies

    Oppression of Women -- A Historical Overview



         1. John Berger: Ways of Seeing

         2. Edgar Allan Poe: The Oval Portrait' 

         3. The Pre-Raphaelite Women

         4.  In an Artist's studio: C. Rossetti's poems;

              Dante Gabriell Rossetti's poem and paintings

    New Criticism & ApplicationNew Criticism & Application

    Women's Movement & Women's Discourse (French Feminism) 

    History  of women's movements & French Feminism

    House Keeping and Female Artist

    New Criticism & ApplicationNew Criticism & Application
    5. Post-Feminisms and Lesbianism

    Some (Visual) Feminist strategies: Margaret Atwood "Spelling"; Marlene Noubese Philip "Universal Grammar"
    -- qwégr


    New Criticism & Application
    6. 'Language' & Contemporary Feminist Artists: Cindy Sherman; Barbara Kruger

    Cindy Sherman; Barbara Kruger

    Margaret Atwood: Surfacing(1)

    Margaret Atwood: Surfacing(2)

    New Criticism & ApplicationNew Criticism & Application
    7. Conclusion:

    a. Student Report(1): Frida

    b. Student Report(2): Frida

    c. Surfacing  (Chapter:13-14)

    d. Review

    New Criticism & Application

     Structuralism and Post-structuralism

    8. Structuralism--Basic Concepts
    Surfacing chaps: 16-18

    Linguistic (De-) Constructions of Meanings and Subjectivities

    New Criticism & Application
    9. Structuralist Reading of Narratives; Propp & Greimas

    Structuralist Reading of Narratives; Propp & Greimas
    e.g. "The Long Enchantment"; "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?"

    New Criticism & Application
    10. Semiotics and "The Myth Today"
    Semiotics and "The Myth Today"
    e.g. Some 19th-century Landscape Paintings & the use of nature in commercials
    New Criticism & ApplicationNew Criticism & Application


    From Structuralism to Poststructuralism: Binary Opposition & Deconstruction

    chap 6 (123-33)

    the self-conscious modes in contemporary popular culture

    New Criticism & Application

    Examples: e.g. Deconstruction example: "The Blind Man"
    group report 2 2nd journal due

    student report: into the woods

    "The Blind Man"

    New Criticism & Application

     IV. Ecocriticism: Nature Beyond Language?


    Examples: "Immortality Ode," "To Autumn"

    Group report 3: If These Walls Could Talk II

    Some Romantic Poems

    New Criticism & Application

    some poems by Mary Oliver; Sand County Almanac: "The Land Ethic"
    Group report 4: Nell

    Some Poems : Mary Oliver

    New Criticism & Application

    Group report 5

    Surfacing: Part 3

    New Criticism & Application