Junior Composition and Conversation


MUST: beach style clothes

Dear Maggie, Judy, Veronica, Helen, Danielle, Zenobia, Wayne, Evelyne, Angela, Clarissa and Leslie,

We had the party on the Friday before the final exam, when you're supposed to be the busiest. Thanks a lot for still making the party a wonderful one. I'll not forget all the shows you performed very nicely, nor how I lost in the "Bird Game--Win or Failed"( Wayne's translation: "Everybody starts with [HW], follow up or you'll be failed.").

I didn't produce this webpage last year partly because I was busy and partly because the photo qualities were not good. Sorry! I am just a lousy photographer. And I don't know why there was no group picture. Still, the page should still be kept here at the department website for memory's sake!


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