Guidelines for Excel Assignment

General Instructions:

         Deadline: Section A: May 28, 2010; Section B and C: June 2nd, 2010

         Email your file  to our class Gmail account

       please name them as "section_number_name_type" with underlines between each word.

         Give me printouts (leave them in my mailbox) if you want feedback in writing.

        Late assignments are penalized 10 points for each day late.


Elements Weights
Contents Complete 60%
list 10 name, 5 criteria min. score 10
percentage for each criterion 5
函數 functions (sum [for the total scores], average [of each subject]) 10
average score (using formula) of each student 10
grade conversion to letters (use a formula) 15
rank by sorting (need to apply a formula, not manually) 10
Format 10%
title (centered) 5
borderline 5
Graphs 30%
bar graph 15
pie chart 15


Chart 1: Bar graph
compare grades of 3-5 students with a bar graph
nnKey in their grades for 3-5 subjects n
(e.g., Compare the grades of Chinese, English, Math, Art, Geography subjects of Student A, B, and C)


Chart 2: Pie Chart
Display % of the different grades with a Pie Cha
(i.e., % of people who got 甲,乙,丙,丁, etc.)