PowerPoint Assignment

General Instructions:

         Deadline: June 23, 2010 (last day of the semester for students)

         Please give us your files on a CD-ROM. IF you want to email your file or use GSpace to upload your file to our class Gmail account, you need to compress the files first (into one Zip or RAR file).

       please name them as "section_number_name_type" with underlines between each word.

         Give us printouts (leave them in my mailbox) if you want feedback in writing.

         No late assignments accepted! Teachers will turn in grades to school on time.


Guidelines for PowerPoint Assignment

Elements Weights
Contents Complete 29%
HomePage (the cover page) 3
Outline (items should be hyperlinked) 3
Book title/Movie title 3
Author Information 3
Type of Book/Movie 3
Book/Movie Summary 3
Chart 5
Personal Opinions 3
End Page 3
Background 15%
Design your own 5
Revise from templates 5
Logo 5
Play Effects 15%
Animation (simple or self-designed) 5
Sounds (insert from the program OR record by yourself) 5
Effects between pages 5
Footer 6%
Name 2
Page 2
Date 2
Links 20%
Buttons 4
Webpage link 4
Word file link 4
Outline link 4
Two pictures 4
Overall Presentation 15%