Course Description: Class: Required, 1 Credit, no prerequisites
The contents of this syllabus are subject to change.

Applied Computer Technology is a required one credit, two-semester course with the purpose to help freshmen acquire basic computer skills for their university studies. This course involves a hands-on approach to learning the concepts of word processing, networks & telecommunication (Fall, 2008), homepage design, electronic spreadsheet, and electronic presentation (Spring, 2009).

* Grading Policy: 
4 major assignments: 100%
Attendance (each unexcused absence is 3% of final grade off)
3 unexcused absences means a failure

*Attendance and Punctuality
Please come to class each time and on time. This is respect to yourself and your classmates. Each unexcused absence will result a 3% deduction from the final grade. If you are or will be absent for medical or personal reasons, please inform me in advance and show evidence (e.g. medical excuse notes). According to the university regulation, more than two unexcused absences or six excused absences result a failed grade for the course. I will provide a sign-in sheet for you to sign your name. Please do not sign for other people. I will be checking the handwritings.

Plagiarism is forbidden. You must obey the principles of academic integrity. Please respect other people’s work. If you quote or refer to certain people’s work, remember to give credit to the author(s). A plagiarized product will result in a 0% of your assignment.

* Required textbook (purchase by yourself please):
文淵閣工作室 (民93年)。快快樂樂學Office 2003使用技巧。文魁資訊股份有限公司。 
Or 文淵閣工作室 (2007) 。 快快樂樂學Office 2007徹底活用 。眳p資訊出版。 

Bring a disk or USB drive with you all the time and DO NOT THROW AWAY anything. You are required to hand in the files by uploading or email them to a Gmail account by the deadline. Hand it in along with the print out (if you want feedback in text from the instructor) on the indicated date. 

For 4 major assignments, you need to include all the skills learned in class. See syllabus and detailed guidelines will be given to you in class.