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Part I; ONE ANSWER(25%):

Choose one passage (or group of images) below.
1) Interpret its/their meanings as well as contexts (15%),
then try to discuss what theoretical issue it is/they are related to (issues such as: discourse and power relations race relations, stereotypes, history, historical representation, metafiction, etc. 10%)

We are the hammers and chisels in the hands of would be sculptors, battering the spirit of the sleeping mountain. We are the chips and sand, the fragments of fragments that fly like arrows from the heart of the rock. We are the silences that speak from stone. We are the despised rendered voiceless, stripped of car, radio, camera and every means of communication, a trainload of eyes covered with mud and spittle. We are the man in the Gospel of John, born into the world for the sake of the light. We are sent to Siloam, the pool called ¡§Sent¡¨. We are sent to the sending, that we may bring sight. ...We are the scholarly and the illiterate, the envied and the ugly, the fierce and the docile. We are those pioneers who cleared the bush and the forest with our hands, the gardeners tending and attending the soil with our tenderness, the fishermen who are flung from the sea to flounder in the dust of the prairies. .
We are the Issei and the Nisei and the Sansei, the Japanese Canadians. We disappear into the future undemanding as dew.

He used to tell his story to every stranger that arrived at Mr. Doolittle's hotel. He was observed, at first, to vary on some points every time he told it, which was, doubtless, owing to his having so recently awaked. It at last settled down precisely to the tale I have related, ...

The foregoing Tale, one would suspect, had been suggested to Mr. Knickerbocker by a little German superstition about the Emperor Frederick der Rothbart, and the Kypphauser mountain: the subjoined note, however, which he had appended to the tale, shows that it is an absolute fact, ...


'Shake hands, Peachey,' says he. 'I'm going now.' Out he goes, looking neither right nor left, and when he was plumb in the middle of those dizzy dancing ropes, 'Cut you beggars,' he shouts; and they cut, and old Dan fell, turning round and round and round, twenty thousand miles, for he took half an hour to fall till he struck the water, and I could see his body caught on a rock with the gold crown close beside.

I know a man who made an antiwar movie. A good one. When it was shown in his hometown, army enlistment went up 600 percent. I'm trying to convince the world with my movie, there is a reasonable and better way of getting home for Thanksgiving.
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7. Two endings of the two Hiroshima stories:

1)...After looking for three days and nights at so many charred bodies, dead and living, N at last went back to the burned site of his wife's school.

2) ...The dazzling rays of the summer morning sun poured through the grove of trees surrounding the shrine. It was as though a huge zebra were bending its head and peering in at the shrine. Under the trees a scattering of people still lay sleeping quietly.
The funeral fires of the night before had gone out, and I could see that all that remained was white smoke and white ashes--human ashes.

8. And I press up close to dance with Bovanne who blind and I'm hummin and he hummin, chest to chest like talkin. Not jammin my breasts into the man. Wasn't bout tits. Was bout vibrations. ...

But right away Joe Lee come up on us and frown for dancin so close to the man. My own son who knows what kind of warm I am about; and don't grown men call me long distance and in the middle of the night for a little Mama comfort? But he frown. Which ain't right since Bovanne can't see and defend himself. Just a nice old man who fixes toasters and busted irons and bicycles and things and changes the lock on my door when my men friends get messy. Nice man. Which is not why they invited him. Grass roots you see.

Part III (25%) -- Meta-Commentary

Choose one of the group reports and analyze:

1) its main ideas (with examples)

2) its related theory (theories)

3) what it missed re. the text or the theory(theories).

For your information, here are the texts:
Group 4 Atonement
Group 2 The Piano
Group 3 Buddha Bless America
Group 5 Ararat
Group 1 "Honey Pie"