Through the Looking Glass of Internet and Animation . . .
Junior Composition and 
Fall, 1998 Kate Liu
Room SF 124
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Office Hours: Mon 10:00 - 12:00, Fri 10:00 - 12:00 & by appointment
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Animation for 
Conversation Activities
Welcome to the world of English through Internet and Animation!

There is no shortcut to our improving our English; you just have to keep on practicing.

"But how do I make you think and speak in English as much as possible?  What stimuli can I offer? This is a question I have asked myself for six years.

Of course, I am not here just to entertain you or stimulate you to speak and write in English; I will train you to write in different modes (Narration, Text and Event Analysis and Argumentation this semester) and speak more fluently first in private and then gradually in more and more formal occasions.  Critical and Independent thinking is definitely invovled in every of our activities.  At the same time, however, one general goal is for us to be self- motivated, but not alone, in writing and speaking. To make us work as a community, we will have group work in class and free interaction via email and our message board.  In this sense, the class will involve both strict discipline and friendly sharing of ideas and coorperation.

1. Attendance: Since this is a workshop, attendance is essential. The final grade will be lowered after the third absence, and six absences means failing the course. Three lates means one absence.

2. Participation: Bring an active and critical mind to class. Always be ready to speak out in class, or to me out of class, about our topics and the class itself.

  • Deadlines: Deadlines are negotiable. But once they are agreed on, you have to keep them. The grade of the late papers will be lowered.
  • No plariarism of any sort! --Don't copy ideas or passages from others' writing. If you want to revise your old paper, please let me know first.
  • Assignments: 1. 4 papers with several drafts for each, a research paper (first draft),
                               2. (As a substitute for journal requirement) cultural connections project (See its requirements).
    Grading policy: writing¡X5 of the highest grades of all the papers (including exams); each 20%

    conversation¡Xcultural connections 30%; group report 20%; individual presentation 30%; class participation 20%