1.What kind of person is Paul?

He is an important person who always wants

to have a good life like that upper class

people. He is also a liar,sometimes. It seems

that hehas some talents toward art,but

actaully I think that's impossssible.(Paul Chen)

2.What is the point of view in the story?

What is achieved by this point of view?

1. third peron point of view

2.We can see into the charcters' minds and know what

are they thinking. Also, we can know the whole

situation of the story by the 3rd person narrator if

he/ she descibe the story clearly. (Paul Chen)

4.What is your reaction to the story?

I think we should be honest tto ourselves. Never

tell a lie to others and ourselves. Alsowe have to

face the music if we really did something wrong and

everything could be sloved. We need to be content

about our present life because a content person

willhave a happy life, not life like Paul in the

story. (Paul Chen)