Study Questions on Morte d' Arthur:

1.   From the video: Why has the Arthur legend endured? Was the video helpful? Why or why not?

2.   How is Arthur portrayed in Morte d'Arthur?  Is Arthur a great leader? Does his reign realize his ideal?

3.   In Morte d'Arthur love vs. duty is an important theme.  What is Malory's idea of the importance of these two?   Which does he value more?  Explain.

4.   Point out what the chivalric and Christian code respectively is. Explain how Lancelot is loyal to the chivalric code, but not to the Christian code, and how it leads to his demise.

5.   Discuss the disparity between illusion and reality in the book.

6. How could Morte d'Arthur be considered a "civilizing" force in the late medieval period?


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