• Study Questions on Dryden's "A Song for St. Cecilia's Day" (1687)


1.  What kind of poem is this?

2.  What is the theme of the poem? How does the poet present his theme?

3.  What is the occasion for the song?

4.  What does the poet think about the components of this universe?

5.  What musical instruments are used in the poem?  What actually is the harmony? What effect can each instrument bring when played?  (ex. Lines 29-32. How do these lines sound to you when you read them?)

6.  In stanza 7 in order to reinforce how touching the music can be, what mythological figure does the poet use? What is the story about?

7.  What's the relation between "sacred lays" and the movement of "the sphere"?

8.  What will happen when the trumpet is sounded?  Explain "Music shall untune the sky."


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