William Shakespeare (1564-1616): As You Like It

Study Questions:

1.  Comment on the setting of the play and explain Shakespeare's arrangement of getting all the major characters into the forest of Arden.

2.  As You Like It deals with the relation of love and wisdom.  How is Rosalind Shakespeare's instrument for making clear what that relation is?

3.  "A touchstone," says the dictionary, is "a black siliceous stone used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal."  Not precious itself, it reveals preciousness in what touches it. In this case, what does Shakespeare suggest about the true wit through Touchstone?

4.  As You Like It has a structure of juxtaposed characters and attitudes. How does Shakespeare identify dexterously th polarities existing in society with particular characters?

5.  How is Jaques seen as a measure of the essential sanity and balance of the characters around him?

6.  In what way(s) does the archetypal pattern of escape (separation)-disguise-return help Rosalind break away the canon (conventions) of society?

7.  How does the play-acting function in the play?

8.  How is the final dance a good ending for As You Like It?


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