I.                                             Introduction
Character Analysis

Part I and Part II of “Sir Gawain and the green Knight” is about King Arthur celebrating Christmas in his hall and was visited and challenged by the Green Knight.  Sir Gawain stood out and accepts the Green Knight’s ‘game’.  Part II beings with the voyage of Sir Gawain quest for the Green Chapel where he and the Green Knight agreed to meet.
 (Part I) The story beings with a cheerful and merry atmosphere at Camelot, where King Arthur and his guests and knights are celebrating Christmas.  As everyone was enjoying themselves, in came the giant Green Knight unexpectedly, proposing to play a Christmas game with them.  No one made an attempt, and therefore, King Arthur stood out and accepted the challenge.  Yet no sooner did Sir Gawain stood out and took the challenge for the King.  The Green Knight’s offer was to let Sir Gawain took the ax and strike him, but in return, Sir Gawain was to visit the Green Chapel within one year and a day to receive a hit in return from the Green Knight.
 Sir Gawain hits the Green Knight with the ax and cuts off his head, which rolled on the floor.  The Green Knight then picked up his head and told Sir Gawain to keep his words and find him in a year and one-day more.  Sir Gawain agreed and kept the ax that he used to hit Green Knight as a trophy.  
 (Part II) The passage is about the travel of Sir Gawain seeking for the Green Chapel.  Everyone believed that Gawain’s journey is without return because what he will be facing is not only the bad condition during his trip but also the monstrous creature the Green Knight.  In deed, Sir Gawain encountered many obstacles as he travels to seek for the Green Knight.  He suffered from bad weather, hunger, fighting with wild animals and wild men of the woods.  Before Christmas Eve, just as he was praying to God and Mary and wishes to find a place where he can hear mass for Christmas, he saw a castle appear in the wood and decided to ask for shelter.  

 The Lord of the court welcomed Sir Gawain and allowed him to stay as long as he wishes.  One day, just before the Lord went hunting, he proposed to play a game with Sir Gawain, which is to exchange what ever one earns or gets during the day, at the end of the day.  Sir Gawain agreed and later on encounters many seductions, which are challenges to his morals.  
(Further details shall be described and continued in Part?and Part?)

B. Character Analysis
King Arthur:
- Successful King : P.203 (L.50~59)
- Takes care of his men : P.204 (L.85)
- Boyish, wild & energetic heart : P.204 (L.86~99)
- Brave yet with high dignity (pride): P.207 (L.250~255), P. 209 (L. 323~327)
Sir Gawain:
- Brave: P.209 (L.338~342), P.214 (L.562~565) 
- Humble and intelligent : P. 209 (L.343~361)
- Man of word : P.214 (L. 562~565)
- Strong: P.221 (L.421~424), P. 217 (L. 713~732)
- Well respected:  P. 216 (L. 676~681), P.221(L. 908~919)
- Courteous: P.222 (L. 910~976)
Green Knight:
- Monstrous and huge with supernatural power (being able to live with his head being cut off): P.205 (L.136~150), P.211 (L. 429~447)
- Arrogance: P.207 (L. 221~231), P.208 (L.309~317)