Chicago Blues
(Aleck "Rice" Miller) Born Dec. 5, 1899, Glendora MS
  Died May 25, 1965, Helena, AR.

Sonny Boy Williamson II was an enigma. One of the most influential blues artists of all time, he was so disdainful of interviewers that next to nothing has been known about his early life. Even his real name and date of birth remained elusive, beyond the fact that he variously called himself Aleck "Rice" Miller, Willie Williams, "Little Boy Blue" and "The Goat" and gave birth dates between 1893 and 1909. One thing is certain, however --between 1951 and 1965 he sang andplayed harp on some of the finest blues recordings of all time. 
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The Songs: 
1. No Nights by Myself  the song 

The photo is from Sonny Boy's Lonesome Cabin.

Chicago Blues