Tom Nash & Ray Schulte: Thursday, 1999 Spring

Blues pianists were every bit as inventive as the guitarists they often worked with. An expressive instrument for expressive instrumental and vocal blues, the piano was a given in bars, clubs and work camps that were the blues' main venues. Often doubly accomplished as ragtime and jazz pianists, the artists of this form were superbly inventive. The piano- guitar duet was among the most widespread and exciting of blues accompaniments. 

--It is from Yazoo Blues Mailorder


The charcoal drawing is from the Art of Jazz Company.
General information about Piano Blues: "Piano Blues" by Richie Unterberger:   

"History of Boogie Woogie" at The Boogie Woogie Piano Homepage: 

Barrel House Piano Greats 

Leroy Carr
Skip James
Sleepy John Estes
Roosevelt Sykes