Essays on Robert Johnson

    "Legacy"--an essay about the continuing influence of Johnson in Web DVL:

      An online essay by David W. Scotese called "Did Robert Johnson sell his soul at the crossroads?"
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@in Mudcat Cafe:

        an essay called "Jukin' in Mississippi" by W. Patrick LeBlanc in Mudcat Cafe.

          An introduction to Hellhounds On My Trail: The Afterlife of Robert Johnson, a new
                  documentary film about Johnson in Rock and Roll: Hall of Fame and Museum.

            In the website focussing on "the power of Robert Johnson's words which are still resonant in
                    contemporary America" there are a variety of student essays about Johnson's songs, including
                      the following.

  1. Allen, Amanda. "Love in Johnson's Kitchen"
  2. Barnett, Nikki. "Seduction and Sincerity in 'Come On In My Kitchen'"
  3. Danforth, Courtney. "Leaving in 'Love in Vain'"
  4. Gordon, Maggie. "Woman as Sexual Object or Healer in 'Terraplane Blues" and 'Come On In My Kitchen'"
  5. Halloran, Tim. "Loathing and Longing"
  6. Lemon, Anne. "Misogyny and Respect in Robert Johnson Songs"
  7. Lewis, Scott. "Lost in Love"
  8. Neil, Carter. "Nature and Robert Johnson"
  9. Rissetto, Adriana. "Disease Imagery in 'Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)'"
  10. Webb, Janet. "Compassionate and Sadistic: Johnson on Women"


***The background is a portrait of Johnson from The Blues Gallery designed by Ron Buck.