The Early Years 1927-1933

Doin' That Atlanta Strut 1927- 1935
1. A discography (Credit for this discography goes to Adam Powers). 

2. Background information about the song "Broke Down Engine.

3. Selected Songs:
1. Little Delia the song
2. Bob Dylan's version called "Delia" the song
3. Broke Down Engine Blues the song
4. Statesboro Blues the song
5. Savannah Mama the song
6. Travel in Blues the song
7. Drive Away Blues the song
8. Three Women Blues the song
9. Talking to Myself the song
10. Searching the Desert for the Blues the song
11. Motherless Children the song
12. I Got to Cross the River Jordan the song
13. You Got to Die the song
14. Bob Dylan's song "Blind Willie McTell" the song

**The above images are from YaZoo Blues Mailorder.

**The background image is from The Roadmap to Great Music.