Past Perfect Progressive Tense



This form emphasize the duration of one past event taking

Place before another past event. The past perfect progressive form, like

The past progressive form, may show a past event in progress before it

Is interrupted by another past event.



1.     The boys had been playing baseball all the morning before their mother told them to study.

(The boys were playing baseball until their mother told them to study.)

2.     I had been doing exercise until he came.

(I was doing exercise until he came.)

3.     I felt tired because I had been running all the way.

(I was running so I felt tired.)

4.     When he arrived, I had been waiting for him for one hour.

(I was waiting for him until he arrived.)



     Some verbs can't put on" progressive form"; in the meanwhile, they can't put on" past perfect progressive form" except "want" and "wish".


1.     The boy was delighted with his new bike because he had been wanting

one for a long time.



     The sentence that has frequency can't use past perfect progressive.



1.     He had been trying five times to get her on the phone but had failed. (wrong)

Revise: He had been trying to get her on the phone but he failed.


Future Perfect Progressive Tense