Elizabeth & Mr.Wickham  
              First Impressions       Deceived by Appearance 
Still Think Good of Mr. Wickham           Be Aware of Truth
 First Impressions
    The first time Elizabeth meets Mr. Wickham is when the Bennet sisters go to Meryton. Mr. Denny introduces his friend, Mr. Wickham, to the Bennet sisters. Mr. Wickham is a young man of most gentlemanlike appearance and he has all the best part of beauty, a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing address. Therefore, Elizabeth's first impression toward Mr. Wickham is very good and she is also attracted by his appearance.      (This is in p.50)

 Deceived by Appearances

     When Mr. Wickham walks into Mrs. Philips' house, it is the same that he draws everyone's attention. Elizabeth thinks he is beyond other officers in person, countenance, air and walk. In the party, Mr. Wickham is the happy man toward almost every female eye is turned. When he seats next to Elizabeth, she feels very happy and thinks that even the commonest and dullest topics can be made interesting by Mr. Wickham. Because Elizabeth is attracted by Mr. Wickham, she completely trusts what he says. Mr. Wickham speaks ill of Mr. Darcy and says that the late Mr. Darcy promised to give him money, but Mr. Darcy didn't follow his father's words. Elizabeth thinks it is impossible for Mr. Wickham to tell a lie because of his charming appearance, so she believes it is all Mr. Darcy's fault. From this we can say that Elizabeth is also prejudiced. Because of her prejudice, she is deceived by Mr. Wickham and thinks worse of Mr. Darcy than before.                           
(This is in p.50)

   When a party is held in Netherifield, Mr. Wickham doesn't come. Elizabeth considers that Mr. Wickham's absence is because of Mr. Darcy, so she is resolved against any sort of conversation with him and turns away with a degree of ill humor. She even blames on Mr. Bingley's friendship with Mr. Darcy.    (This is in p.62)

 Still Think Good of Mr.Wickham

    When Mr. Wickham proposes to Miss King, Elizabeth doesn't feel upset or blame on him. She still thinks good of Mr. Wickham. It can be proved on the book p.103, "Nothing on the contrary, could be more natural, and while able to suppose that it cost him a few struggles to relinquish her, she was ready to allow it a wise and desirable measure for both, and could very sincerely wish him happy." In a word, from now Elizabeth's impression toward Mr. Wickham has been still good.    (This is in p.103)

     When Elizabeth is going to Hunsford, the farewell between herself and Mr. Wickham is perfectly friendly; on his side even more. Mr. Wickham is so friendly to her that she feels better of  him. She even thinks that whether he is married or single, he must always be her model of the amiable and pleasing.   (This is in p.104)

 Be Aware of the Truth

    When Elizabeth reads the letter from Mr. Darcy, she knows what kind of person Mr. Wickham really is. It is Mr. Wickham that leads a idle and dissipated life and keeps asking for Mr. Darcy's help. At first, Elizabeth couldn't believe what Mr. Darcy says, so she wants to speak for Mr. Wickham; but when she thinks deeply again, she can't come up with Mr. Wickham's other advantages except his charming appearance and good social skills. Besides, when she recalls Mr. Wickham's attention to Miss King and compares it with his proposing to Miss Darcy, she more understands it is all because of money, and it is what Mr. Wickham's purpose.      (This is in Chapter 35)


    From Elizabeth's first impression toward Mr. Wickham till at last, she realizes Mr. Wickham's personality, we can know that Elizabeth's view on Mr. Wickham changes little by little. At first, she is deceived by his appearance and thinks he is a good man. However, at last, she comprehends she is completely wrong. She also reflects on herself that she should not judge others from his appearance and should not be prejudiced.
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