Mr. Darcy
    Fitzwilliam Darcy is a attractive man with tall figure, handsome features, noble behaviour, and a
large property. He is well-educated, and he likes to read books, so he collectes many books in his family library. When reading, he concentrates his attention on books and tries to gain information and knowledge from them. He dislikes to speak much unless among his intimate friends. With them he is remarkably agreeable. Because of his ability and great accomplication, hi is very self-confident and proud of himself. His attitude makes others feel he is a arrogant and haughty person, so people don't mow him well are disgusted with his  pride and saying nothing good about him. But actually he is liberal and generous. Giving his money to assist his tenants and relieve the poor. In addition, he takes care of his sister considerately.
    Also, he understands himself well, knowing his advantages and disadvantages clearly, and always presents his nature. He admit his bad temper. And he can't forget the follies and vices of others, so he has prejudice for who offenses against him.(p40) So he is a honest man, never being hypocritical and saying something false to flatter others or trying to make any pretension. He must treat his friends honestly because he hates disguise of every sort. His cool appearance is his protection.

    People's first impression of Mr. Darcy was that he was a good-looking and rich man, but too cool and arrogant. Because he was haughty and fastidious, and his impolite manners, was not inviting though he was clever and well-educated. Nobody liked him. Mrs. Bent hated him very much because he had slighted her daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth disliked Mr. Darcy for his arrogance, his conceit, and his selfish disdain of the feeling of others from the very beginning. And then, she had prejudice against Mr. Darcy and regarded everything he did was make fun of her. Most people had bad first impression of Mr. Darcy.

    At the first ball, Mr. Darcy didn't want to dance with strangers, so he just kept standing. When Mr. Bingley came to ask him to invite Elizabeth, who sat behind him at that time. But he thought that Elizabeth was not beautiful enough to attempt him, and he didn't want to a young lady slighted by other men. That was his first impression of Elizabeth.(p9) His had his pride so he didn't invite a lady unsuitable.
     When they next met, Mr. Darcy found that she had a hardly a good feature in her face, and it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. And he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing. He stated to be attracted to Elizabeth and changed his impression of her. From the moment, he thought she was very beautiful and sttractive, and he wanted to know more of her, so he would attend to her conversation with others.(p16) And then, Elizabeth was the mostt beautiful lady in his mind, no matter what she did.