The relationship between Willy  &  Linda

Linda Loman puts her lifelong attention on her husband. That is to say, Willy Loman, her husband is the most important thing for her. Therefore, she is always willing to believe that Willy is the best man in the world, keeping supporting him. However, it's also because of her constant supports that lead to Willy's death. The more she supports him, the more incorrect ideas she gives him. Linda usually leads Willy to an illusory world, which keeps him from back to real world. Even though Linda notices his strange behaviors, she escapes to face the problem. She is a traditional wife, being always obedient and patient, even though sometimes she has to force herself to tolerate Willy.

"Most often jovial she has developed an iron repression of her exceptions to Willy's behavior --- she more than loves him, she admires him, as though his mercurial mature, his temper, his massive dreams and little cruelties, served her only as sharp reminders of the turbulent longings within him, longings which she shares but lacks the temperament to utter and follow to their end." (P.1166)
Though Willy and Linda are husband and wife, it seems that sometimes their relationship is like master and servant. That means their family positions are unequal: Willy has a higher position while Linda has a lower one. And Willy rarely respects Linda, especially when Willy and their children are talking. Willy always yells at her when she wants to say something.

"Linda: Maybe things are beginning to
 Willy: (wildly enthused, to Linda). Stop interrupting!......
 Linda: He loved you!
 Willy: (to Linda). Will you stop!......
 Linda: Oliver always thought the highest of him
 Willy: Will you let me talk?......." (P. 1193)

  However, no matter how impolite Willy is to her, Linda never shows her dissatisfactions. Instead, she shows more consideration, and even asks Biff to please his father. She is a kind and thoughtful wife, always caring how Willy feels. Different from Linda, Willy doesn't show concerns for his wife and just yells at her.

"Linda: But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention to must be
           paid. He's not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must
          be finally paid to such a person......." (P.1188)
"Linda: (her voice subdued). What'd you have to start that for? (Biff turns away.) You see how
           sweet he was as soon as you talked hopefully? (She goes over to Biff.) Come up and say
           good night to him. Don't let him go to bed that way." (P.1193)

Linda thinks that her only responsibility is to comfort him and encourage him, but at the same time, it also results in a situation that Willy is confused about the reality and the illusion. He is even unable to figure out who real he is. Whenever Willy wants to look at himself honestly, Linda tells lies to release his tension and increase his incorrect views. However, on the other side, Linda is an undoubtedly faithful wife and never intends to offend him, though he seldom treats her well.

"Willy:...... I don't know why---I can't stop myself--- I talk too much. A man oughta come in with a
         few words. One thing about Charley. He's a man of few words, and they respect him.
 Linda: You don't talk too much, you're just lively." (P.1178)

"Willy: I'm fat. I'm very---foolish to look at, Linda......
 Linda: Darling...
 Willy: I gotta overcome it. I know I gotta overcome it. I'm not dressing to advantage, maybe.
 Linda: Willy, darling, you're the handsomest man in the world...
 Willy: Oh, no, Linda.
 Linda: To me you are. (Slight pause.) The handsomest." (P.1179)

"Linda: No. You can't just come to see me, because I love him. (With a threat, but only a threat,
           of tears.) He's the dearest man in the world to me, and I won't have anyone making him
           feel unwanted and low and blue......" (P. 1188)