The Changes of  Wuthering Heights
         When Mr. Lockwood first and last visited Wuthering Heights, the scenes were described totally differently.   Or we should said more accurately that the atmosphere of Wuthering Heights had obviously changed.   While Mr. lockwood first visited Wuthering Heights,  the atmosphere was very queer and he was not welcome by everyone.   He was even attacked by dogs.   When he second visited Wuthering Heights, nobody wanted to open the gate for him,  everyone seemed to speak curse words.  It was also a snowy night and he met Catherine's ghost.   Generally speaking, Mr.Lockwood should have had bad experiences and awful memory toward Wuthering Heights.   Somehow, at his final visit to Wuthering Heights,  everything seemed to have changed.  "Before I arrived in sight of it, all that remained of day was a beam less, amber light along the west; but I could see every pebble on the path, and every blade of glass, by that splendid moon. I had neither to climb the gate, nor to knock-it yielded to my hand. That is an improvement! I thought. And I noticed another, by the aid of my nostrils; a fragrance of stocks and wall flowers, wafted on the air, from amongst the homely fruit trees."    When he entered the living room, he even saw Hareton and Catherine were reading in a sweet and close way.  the situation was totally changed from a cold, inhuman place to a warm, happy place.  It showed us that the tragedy of Wuthering Heights was over; with the association between Hareton and Catherine, Wuthering Heights had become a wonderful place.   Therefore, we could learn that: in this novel, when the scenes changed, the situation also changed.  The description of scenes was a useful tool for us to understand the theme of the novel, which was always related to it.