The change of Heathcliff

In Chapter 31 to Chapter 34, we knew Heathcliff has a lot of changes. He compelled that Catherine married his son. However, when she became his daughter-in-law. He treated her very bad. He didnít want to see her and heard her voice. When she stayed at home with him, he will be fidgety. As soon as, he became thin. He became lonely more than before. He didnít let Hareton came his room. When he ate his meal, he liked to think other things. One time, Catherine went on teasing with Hareton. That made him laugh, and Joseph said that they dug his garden place, he said he would quit. They have a quarrel for it. Catherine made him angry, when Heathcliff planned to punish her, he stopped himself suddenly. He just ordered her went to upstairs. He always thinking, but no one knew what did he think. Sometimes, he would go outside at midnight till morning came home, he whispered to himself.

When he saw Hareton and Catherine together, he hasnít any angry, because he liked found something on their faces. He didnít want to revenge, he changed himself.

He walked toward death, he didnít eat and get some sleep. At my point of view, I think he saw Catherine Linton in his vision. He hoped to with her forever. When he almost died, he was very happy because he knew he could see Catherine Linton.

When he died that day, he didnít allow anyone to molest him. When Mrs. Dean discovered his death, his one hand rested on the sill-no blood trickled from the broken skin. ďHis eyes met mine so keen and fierce, I started; and then, he seemed to smile.Ē I thought that he dreamed that he was touching Catherine Lintonís hand. He has a long time havenít eaten anything yet. When he saw Catherine outside the window, he crashed the window and held her hand, so his hand was outside the window.