In this novel, "book" plays an important role, which shows each character's’ personality indirectly. How does the book relate to characters in the novel? Let us see the following analysis:

Catherine ~ 
She is the one who doesn'tt like to stay at home but like go out to the moor and contact nature. To her, the happiest thing is to play with Heathcliff and leave everything in boring home--- including reading books. Remember the example: when Catherine was sick, Linton tried to entertain her through reading books and put books in front of her to appeal her to read. However, she was not appealed to books, she even didn't look at them at all. She preferred sitting in front of the window, looking outside all day, rather than picking up a book and reading. Through this example, we know some part of Catherine's’ personalities--- doesn’t like to be controlled, and doesn’t like things that are bored and quiet to her. On the other hand, she used books’ margins as diary to express her feelings, that also shows she doesn’t cherish books but use them in another way.

 Heathcliff ~ 
Just as Catherine, he doesn't like books, and even hate them, for he thinks that books cause people proud and critical. All those people who receive nice education always look down on him because he isn't well-educated. Therefore, he hates everything about education, of course includes books. Besides, "Bible" is one of the hatred of Heathcliff, for Joseph often scolds Catherine and Heathcliff and read bible as an punishment. So to Heathcliff, Bible is not meaningful to him but only a useless punishment. Books are like prison, taking away his freedom; while"nature" is totally different from everything at home, and that's why he prefer to be punished, he would still like to go out to the moor.

Joseph ~ 
When we think of Joseph, we always think of  "Bible".  In his life, bible is the most important thing, which supports him to live. Therefore, we can know that he follows everything bible mentioned. What he said is about  "religious language", and his view of life must be always correct, no errors at all. So, when others did something opposite his rules, he scolded them severely and pleased God to forgive or punish them. Through this, we can penetrate his personality--- stubborn and serious.
Nelly Dean ~ 
She is an educated woman, and she has read many books from her master's library. So actually she is not a common countrywoman. In her mind, book is a good thing, which keeps her improving herself. Therefore, when she finish her own job, she would like to read some books as an interest. Through her description of the stories, we know that her educational degree is not low.
Edgar and Isabella ~               
Both of them are from rich family, so they received education, of course they contact with books very often. They like to read books,  they regard books as tools to improve and learn. Besides, Edgar  sometimes takes books as shelter of soul, we can see the example: when Edgar and Catherine argued about Heathcliff, Edgar chose to   stay at his library, reading books for three days. Because he didn't  want to face the problem, so he could only hide himself into books, trying to seek some ways to ease his sorrow. Through his attitude toward books, we can say that he depend upon books, maybe he can release his pressure through that way. He is a tender and thoughtful man, he would hide himself to solve problems rather than hurt others hashly.
Young Cathy ~ 
Because her mother died after she was born, so her father influences her deeper than her mother. Nevertheless, she is also interested in reading books. In books' world, she can always find something new and surprising, and that develops her knowledge and attitude toward life. Nice education brought her more reasonable, and thoughtful personalities. When she knew Linton was ill, she came to accompany him and read books for him. She regards them as valuable things, so she would like to share with others. This also shows kind and general side of her.
Linton ~
He is always weak and sick, and he can't  run or play as other children, so he does everything passively. On the other hand, although his father--- Heathcliff let him receive education, Linton is still not interested in reading books actively. Until Cathy read them for Linton, and Linton thinks this is a good chance to contact with Cathy, so he becomes more active in reading books.

 Hareton ~ 
Actually his background is similar to Heathcliff's. Both of them are controlled by others, and they can't  have their own interests, they can only work for others. Nevertheless, Hareton doesn't like books, for he knows nothing of what they talked about--- he didn't  receive education. And the environment of his is bad, so he has no time and intend to learn. After Cathy appeared, he starts to learn actively, he wants to prove his ability. So actually he is interested in learning, but he has no chance to learn before. The biggest difference between Heathclff and Hareton is that, Heathcliff raise his society status through making money; while Hareton did that through reading and learning.