This first part of the work would focus on the analyses of the 3 main characters: Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw, and Nelly Dean in Wuthering Heights and make their individual analysis in a psychoanalysis approach.
     Also, the second part would provide a short prolonged story of the Wuthering Heights to examine the possible involvement of Emily Bronte in the novel.  What possible characters did Emily Bronte possess if we trace from the novel?  What is she in this novel?  Basically, the story is my trial and wild association with Emily Bronte's life into the book she created.
     The following is my work.  Hopefully you would like it.  Also, I would greatly appreciate for any of your comments and advices on its insufficiency and mistakes!

  Part One

 Analysis in 3 Main Characters of Wuthering Heights
A Psycho-Analysis Approach

(1) On Heathcliff: a suppressed orphan coming into the suppressing devil
      Insecurity means a kind of behavior style of one's not being able to affirm oneself.  And this kind of state sometimes results from feeling inferior to others (when Heathcliff thought that Catherine married Edgar because of his money and position), and then usually it will make one produce the strong feeling of failure.  In the example of Heathcliff is that instead of degenerating himself, he devoted the model of revenge and competition to the full after holding the power.
     (In fact, also we can approach the above in another angle.  From the viewpoint of Alfred Adler's inferiority complex, it's because Heathcliff had the sense of inferiority that leaded him to the need of being superior to others.  The difference is only what Heathcliff used was just the negative compensating way --- revenge, to quiet down his resent and fear.)
     And the behavior of this kind of model (revenge and competition) originates from the reproduction of one's own childhood experiences.  That is, when there is only one alternative of intro-relationship model being taught onto the young Heathcliff, he only knew resorting to one sort of solution.  And when Heathcliff grew up, even knowing his own hatred of this kind of being-abused relationship, we still can see, the victim turned into the abuse-executant.
     These unwholesome childhood experiences made his unconsciousness be suppressed with a lot of emotions: unrevealed childhood secrets (which aren’t shown in this book), the hatred for being maltreated and his own family position, and the unproved love.… These strong, primitive passions and desires are deeply rooted in Heathcliff's heart, just like a seed, waiting for flourishing one day.
     We can also say that Heathcliff's revenge on the others is the realization of a kind of pleasure principle.  He thought that by doing this, he could relieve himself of the pain in the past and his loss of Catherine, but this just made him become the tool of revenge.
     And what is the love of Heathcliff?  What kind of transformation and change had his love for Catherine gone through?  The only sustenance for young Heathcliff (after old Earnshaw died) is Catherine.  Except Catherine, no one was willing to really care about him.
     And we also can see that only when Heathcliff and Catherine were together, that his suppressed emotion was truly unfolded.  At that time, Heathcliff's’s love is company-like, pure and only for an object.  But when Catherine's’s behavior and manners became elegant and lady-like, unlike what she exhibited before, the feeling of being betrayed aroused in Heathcliff's heart.  The change of his only trust (Catherine) made Heathcliff more uneasy and isolated.  Then his love came to blind and uncontrollable.  He needed to do anything to win her back!   For the reason she doesn't love me is money and position, then I will win her back with money and position.
     Just because Catherine is the only one that he ever paid his sincere feeling, he would choose painfully to insist on this lunatic love.  And with the death of Catherine, the unfulfilled love still would seize the whole of Heathcliff --- he still needed to complete the uncompleted love.  But the subject for love was dead, how and what could he do?  He only knew to imagine and simulate the on-going love, and let it destroy him.
     But destiny made him see the continuance of his unfulfilled love.  This love now appeared in that of Catherine Linton and Hareton Linton.  By their fulfillment, Heathcliff also freed himself from the prison that he built for himself, and passed away with his fulfilled love.
(2) On Catherine Earnshaw: the double-faced nymph
     Catherine Earnshaw, the mysterious woman that grasped Heathcliff's heart and life tightly, is like a wild and spirited nymph dancing in the chilly but pure air.  She is beautiful, arrogant, exhibiting a kind of ghostly charming toward Heathcliff.  In some ways, she is like the character Estella in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.  They are like rose with thorns, leaking infatuating fragrance.
 And their lovers are due to get hurt when obsessed, for it seemed only through torturing and hurting that they could prove the love.  But Catherine is not completely the same as Estella. She really loved Heathcliff! Their love had been cultivated from their childhood, and it grew and strengthened day by day.
     After Heathcliff’s leaving, her situation is like a plastic flower in the vase, though externally she seemed to lead a happy and satisfactory life.  Also, her disposition gradually changed from spoilt to strong inside.
     Living in the civilized and vulgar surroundings, her sweet and lady-like side gradually compensated the loss of Heathcliff, also covered her guilt (Nelly Dean once blamed Catherine that she should take the responsibility of Heathcliff’s missing).  However, the wild side appeared 2 tears later with Heathcliff’s re-appearing.
     For her, seemingly she could grasp the chance of having both Edgar and Heathcliff again. And this time, she didn't have to worry the position and possession Heathcliff used to lack of. She could both have both loves to fulfill for her two different characters! But for Heathcliff, love means singular, and the only reason for his allowance of Edgar's survival is Catherine’s disallowance. Catherine's fantasy thus collapsed with Heathcliff's revenge and her incapability.
     Let's advance deeper into the mind of Catherine. Seldom we see her reveal of insecurity or anxiety. For example, when hurt by dogs, she didn't scream, she just asked Heathcliff to leave (instead, it's the silent Heathcliff that madly shouted); when cured in the Thrushcross Grange, her heart didn't have the space of Heathcliff or fear.  She just completely adapted herself to new environment and different people.
     She followed her pleasure principle to live. In her childhood, we see that she got more satisfaction from Joseph's madness and curse, and enjoyed in it. But in the Thrushcross Grange, she tried to win other people's praises to make her happy. And as mentioned above --- “her lovers are due to get hurt when obsessed"--- Catherine always got in her way to love Edgar and Heathcliff, for She knew clearly their souls.  She knew how to make them laugh, how to make them cry, how to make them mad, and how to made both hurt each other to prove their love to her.
     Her character is like the taking-overs of Id and ego in turns (Id dominates more). Also, there's no space for the existence of super-ego in her character (or we can more boldly hypothesize: the position of superego in this book is almost covered since morality seemed to degenerate to the most bottom!). First, let me make an example to explain Id and ego. In chapter 8, when Catherine instinctually pinched Nelly spitefully on her arms (Catherine's Id), Nelly screamed out on purpose to make Edgar witness Catherine’s other side, also to make Catherine embarrassed. Catherine lost control and then even slapped Nelly and Edgar.  Then Catherine tried to use her way to keep Edgar (Catherine ego).
     The appearances of ego appeared mostly during the peaceful period in Thrushcross Grange. Catherine's Id side was regulated and compensated by her enjoyment and working on other people’s praises and comfort. But the ego side was never covered and made disappeared. This part of her human nature, just like her love toward Heathcliff, won't change as the passage of time; instead, it will maintain its essence like "the eternal rocks beneath."”.
     Catherine's Id side exhibited to the utmost in her final proclamation toward Heathcliff.  Her emotions contained the mixture of most jealousy, suspicion, violence, and curses.  The essence of love didn't change, but transferred to the form of hatred that would destroy herself and Heathcliff.
(3) On Nelly Dean: kindly angel? Or disguised devil?
     Though the story is mostly about the relationship of two families, Nelly Dean, the housekeeper (previously a servant) played quite an important role. Also, her involvement with the development of Heathcliff and Catherine’s love was fatally decisive. And from some aspects, we can even say that she is the cause of all the miseries!
     How we perceive the story is from her viewpoint and construction. In this story, we seldom see she was sick, and the image of her was always energetic. She’s busy taking care of little Hareton and Catherine Linton, giving advices to Catherine, doing rough working in many ways, she seemed to be the only normal and good person in the wild and violent story. She thought of herself this way, too.
     But just because in many situations she was too “ubjective" and couldn’t perceive her own mistakes, she also thus hid many important clues that would rescue others from the miserable results. For example, in chapter 9, When Catherine Earnshaw was talking to her about her love toward Edgar and Heathcliff, Nelly knew Heathcliff was hiding aside and listening, however, she chose not to let Catherine know and let the misunderstanding occur b/w Catherine and Heathcliff.  Even in the following development when Heathcliff was carrying out his revenges step by step, she didn't try to tell him what Catherine told that night.  Maybe when Heathcliff realized Catherine’s love toward him, the hatred of revenge would vanish from his heart…However, Nelly didn't speak it out.
     As what I mentioned earlier, “he position of superego is almost covered since morality seemed to degenerate to the most bottom in this book", actually Nelly was playing such a role in this book.  She was one of the representatives of authorities that execute the function of conscience punishment.  We don't’t know her background at all. She seemed to come from nowhere. And everything couldn't be without her.  She was playing such a role, but she didn't play it well.
     She approached things from her perspectives, she couldn't understated the inner motives of others.  Though her judgements were not that instinctive, however, they're intuitive and lack of careful considerations.
     We can see her role was more than just a housekeeper, she was also a friend, a communicator, a nanny...Almost, if we don't examine carefully, she was also playing the hostess! After the death of Mr.  Earnshaw, the self-identification for being a hostess was more obvious.  But because of her position, she could only exhibit her influences indirectly.  For example, in chapter 10, when Heathcliff visited Thrushcorss Grange, she just said someone is visiting Catherine, but after Catherine’s leaving, she told Edgar it’s Heathcliff's coming.
 Part Two

  A prolonged story of Wuthering Heights
Away From Wuthering Heights
(1) What would one say about the essence of the life?  If we condense our lives into one word, what would that be?
     Through so many years, this question kept squirming in my heart whenever I thought of Heathcliff, ruthless? Agony? Or love?  No, I can‘t tell, even now when I am dead.
     When Heathcliff finally left his hands off the world, then I began to feel relieved.  Thanks God, Catherine and Hareton could begin their lives with a hope!  But at the same time, I also couldn’t help wondering what caused the queer smile on his twisted face and where could he go after his soul left his body.
     And now I see.  He appeared at one side of the river, a clear and blue-water river, of which a lady was standing patiently at the other.  That was Catherine Earnshaw.  Her feet were originally stone-like, but after recognizing Heathcliff, she could move gradually. Though the river was still too wide that they could only stand at the opposite side, they didn‘t care.  The cold and pure wind skimmed over their motionless faces, they just stared at each other.  The moment was like the eternality.  With the oppressed wind, one drop of red blood flew over the river, from Heathcliff’s hand onto Catherine’s forehead.  The river froze inch by inch, they waited.  Step by step, they dragged themselves toward each other.
     I hid behind the stone and saw this silently.  Heathcliff‘s eyes were filled with tears, his face were twisted for the releasing of the oppressed pain, like an un-chained slave.  He hugged Catherine tightly and tightly, searching each part of Catherine’s body violently.  The power volcanoed.
     "Eighteen years, eighteen years.  Do you know everyday you tortured me with endless pain?  You didn‘t come to me once; you just sent them to make me more suffer. ”
     Catherine pushed him away a little bit and said firmly, "I know.  I'm’m waiting.  Rather would I choose to live in pain and hatred than to taste the fragrance of love.  And now, the moment is what I waiting for."  Heathcliff grasped her arms wildly and could not help but make his body trembled, “How could you!  Watch me live in hell hopelessly by myself.  I’ve waited one night after another for your spirit to make me suffer, to ruin my life completely. Oh, Catherine!  Please disappoint me no more.  Please don’t leave me isolated! ”
     “ "Oh, dear Heathcliff",  Catherine reached out her soft yet cold hands onto the face of Heathcliff, and spoke in a pitiful tone, "No more would I disappoint you, no more should we be apart. ”
(2) I knew that I have already been dead now, in a different world without my family, without my friends near.  What lied ahead was my unknown future, but I didn't have feeling of scare at all, simply felt a cold wind of relief.
     I still followed them secretly.  But not knowing why I should go after them made me felt as if I was a manipulated fool.  Maybe it’s the instinct inside that forced me to search for some result.  I wasn't so sure.
     After walking silently for a while, they sat down under a tree, and soon, they began to speak sweet words to each other, just like the way they were young.  I stared at them, once again letting the jealous fire arouse and creep through my heart, the fire of long ago. "Maybe I hated Catherine and fell in love with Heathcliff; maybe I loved Catherine and hated Heathcliff to seize her; maybe, maybe I was nothing."  I was so unsure! Obediently, I could only let destiny blind my eyes, and wandered like a blind.
     They laughed unbridledly, seduced each other like playing games.  And I, hidden behind a stone in the far away, could only let the wind fill my ears, beat my face, and watched the silent picture of noise.
     Suddenly, I couldn’t control myself but run to them impulsively.  Suddenly, I was standing beside them.  Suddenly, my feet weakened and I knelt down, I shed hot tears on my cold face, and they watched me in surprise.  Suddenly…
(3)"Who are you?" Heathcliff asked me with a surprise.  He seemed to be angry, embarrassed, but also pitiful for me.  "What a poor woman!" he must think so.
     “ I’m Emily Bronte, -- your creator.  I said with my head low, but still taking a peep at their faces.
     Catherine sat in the arms of Heathcliff still, just like her face, without any expression.
     “ What do you mean by your being my creator?!  Who are you actually?“  Heathcliff shouted out madly and glared furiously at me.  “Get out of here!  Now I won't allow anyone, anything to bother Catherine and me, even the smallest trifle shouldn't be allowed! I won’t allow!  Now, get out of here! “
     Did I say something wrong?  Did I do something wrong?  Oh, yes!  You are wrong, Emily.  You shouldn’t fall in love with the characters you created.  How dare you desire of asking them to show any sympathy to you!  You are just fooling yourself!
     “ I am sorry.  I made a mistake.”  Then I lost all of my courage.  “ But what I want to tell you is -- never mind.  I’m sorry.  I made a mistake.”  The energy withdrew from my body as if escaping.  I turned my head, defending my injured self-esteem.  I walked faster and faster, trying to leave away the entire mistake.
(4) Then I don’t see them anymore.  They disappeared from my world like water evaporating into the air, without any trace.  Isn’t all my life a mistake?  Yes, you yourself are a mistake.  You used to love someone when you’re alive, but you just, you just let it flow away from your fingers.  You’re a coward, Emily!
     Yes, I am.  I still am now, even when being a dead person.  It’s getting cold.  The splendid sky projected the shadows of dusk clouds on the meadow.  It’s so beautiful!  I think.  But one step ahead, the view changed completely, so did my whole self.  All of a sudden, I was standing at the edge of a cliff.  And then, I fell down, intendedly.
(5) The story would come to an end.  And the inner voice inside would be in silence, too, no matter how wildly I used to scream.
     It seemed that finally, I know what’s the meaning of my life.  When Catherine Earnshaw died, part of my soul broken into pieces.  When Heathcliff died, my whole soul was torn apart.  The feeling of relief in fact was the death of my last expectation toward the world.  Without any burden also means without any hope.  I lived hopelessly for the rest of my life.
     And now, the second chance comes, I still don’t know how to handle.  Living in oppression and being afraid, the road will go on, but I am not the original Emily anymore. I’m Catherine Earnshaw!  Also, I am Heathcliff!

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      After reading this novel, we can easily find out that there are a great deal of similarities and differences among each character. And during classes, we have shared the characteristics of each character with one another and have also learned lots from it. As a result, we this group would like to combine those ideas and hope everyone can be more perceptive towards every character inside this novel. Those points are as follows:
 # Catherine & Cathy:
        Both of them were educated, very brave and full of energy. Catherine liked the nature for she thought she could escape from Hindley and Joseph. She felt more alive as she was inside the moor. As for Cathy, she was very curious about the outside world because she was almost kept inside the Thrushcross Grange by her father. And as to both of their marriages, they didn't’t marry their own husband out of their love to them. As to Catherine, she married Edgar for she wanted to help Heathcliff or for she was afraid of leading a misery life if she just married Heathcliff who wasn't in the high position and had no money. And as to Cathy, she was forced to marry her husband, Linton by Heathcliff for he wanted to get the property from Edgar… Perhaps both of them couldn't find someone more trustful or kind, as a result, they would sometimes tell out what they thought or what they felt towards Nelly though they didn't like Nelly at times. Besides these, there were some differences between them. Cathy was more earnest, real and thoughtful while Catherine was very wild and selfish and liked to tell the lies. And according to Nelly's description, Catherine was much wilder, just like a wild goat and Cathy was more like a tame sheep and so on…
 # Heathcliff & Haraton:
         They two were ill- educated and they didn't  receive the love from their own parents. When Heathcliff was young, Hindley always tortured him. And as for Haraton, he was always disagreeable by his own father so that he liked Heathciff even more than his father. Hence, maybe it could be a very important possibility for them to become so cocky and so mean since they felt too inferior at their childhood. However, as for Heathcliff, he didn't  know how to change. Although he tried once, he gave up at last. But Haraton knew how to change himself into more gentle way for he accepted Cathy's teaching him to know the letters. Besides, the hatred and the purpose of Heathcliff towards revenge on people seemed much fiercer while Haraton wouldn't take revenge on people that he didn't like. And as for Heathcliff, he would want to get whatever he wanted…
 # Edgar & Linton:
        They two were blond and educated but weak. They were wimps at times for they didn’t know how to protect their beloved family from being hurt and didn't have their own thought on something. Both of they were very proud of their great knowledge toward books, and with this they were easily to despise those who weren't educated, such as Heathcliff and Haraton…
 # Nelly & Lackwood:
        Inside this novel, they were narrators. Nelly experienced the story that she was telling thoroughly, but Lackwood was a guy just re-tell the story from Nelly. Both of them were getting subjective once for a while because they would easily assumed what would happen next and what would the character they were telling think about. Except for their prejudice towards someone, I think they two were great story-tellers.
 # Joseph & Nelly:
        Both of them were the servants in Wuthering Height at the very beginning. Then Nelly became the servant inside the Thrushcross Grange for Catherine married Edgar Linton. They would serve their masters properly though they weren't willing to serve. As for Joseph, he liked to scold people by the terms of Bible. What he said was all " religious language" and what he lived was all followed to Bible.. and about Nelly, she would sometimes scorned people behind them and most of time, she would just expressed what she thought and what she wanted to show. I think Nelly was more directive on something.