Exchange Students at St. Vincent, Fall 1998
 Letters and Photos
about their
Studies & Funs (Dance),
Campus & Friends
, Fu Jen

 The weather here is TRICKY!  The temperature would be very different in two days, and even in one day.  I have to bring my jacket and umbrella everyday, because I don't know how the weather is going to change in next hour. It is getting drier here, I've bought  body lotion in advance.  
 I got homesickness last Saturday.  I talked with my family on the phone and cried.  Now the whole family is worried about me.  I emailed them that I'm ok now, I just miss them too much.  
     My assignment was done yesterday.  I spent two days to figure out what the text given by the teacher is about.  That is a difficult essay for me.  And I only had two hours left to compose my essay to analyze the  
text before I handed it in.  It was not done very well, but at least I can hnd in it on time.  Sad...  
We are all fine.  My roommate is going to take us to see a festival this Saturday.  And the other girls are thinking to go to Pittsburg on the Extended Weekend.  I haven't made my dicision,because going there might  
make me worry a lot ( about safety, transportation,...).  Maybe I'll stay here. That's what I prefer to do.  
I take the course of Literary Criticism I here.  I think we have this kind of course in Fu-jen.  I didn't have chance to take it there, so I take it here.  This course is different from my imagination, we don't study literature in this class, but study the theory of western criticism. We start the reading from Plato to ....( I don't know we'll stop yet).  I am always behind the reading schedule, ANCIENT PEOPLE's language is so difficult for me to understand. I cannot understand a sentence like"..and all is all but not each all..."  I don't know what it is .  This is a difficult part for me in this course, and it is also a problem I need to seek help from the teacher.  Except this part, I like the course, it could help to get the idea of why we have literature and why we want to anylize it.  I need to know why we try to talk about a poem by menioning its rhyme scheme, pattern, or forms.  Knowing how great a poet compose a poem is not enough for me, I want to know why it is important to know it.  I hope I could find out some answers for myself from the course though it is only Literary Criticism I.    Sorry Kate, I'm very hungry, the other girls are hungry,too.  I'll tell you about other classes later!!  

Ruth Wang

We have been here for about two weeks.  I think things are going quite smoothly here.  I like the enviornment very much, especially the swiming pool that even has a diving board inside.  
...  In Short Fiction, there are a lot of class discussion, therefore the atmosphere is very different from the class in Fu-jen.  On the other hand, I have to spend more time to prepare before class.  The most difficlut thing for me is the class participation.   ...  
Another impressed thing is that there are many activities held by the students association.  Last Saturday we went to Ohilopyle for rafting.  Amy also won 25 U.S. dollars at the Bingo night!  These out  
door activities are good for us since we don't have a car.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and we are going to an amusement park named Kennywood.  
You know, reading e-mails from Taiwan has become one of our entertainment.  We often share letters and gossips as well.  I thought I told you about the dance party.  We really had a good time, since we never attented dance like this before.  People told us about it at the very beginning of the semester.  Tracy's roommate even made her hair, and put make-up on  
all of us.  You should see how beautiful Ruth was.  Her roommate lent her a purple shining dress, which is fantastic on her.  I can't find the scaner here, otherwise I can send our photos to you.  We have gone  
to the dance parties three times here.  In the very beginnng, we didn't dare to move, but now we can really enjoy it.  I think it's also another form of learning American culture.  
Recently, we are all occupied by papers. Next week all of us have to turn in Cycle 2 for intermediate writing, which includes 5 entries of well-orginazed, coherence and polished essay. They are like five research papers for me.  

Sherri Wei

 The drawing class I am taking is facinting. The course is kind of basic though but I think it's just for the binginners like me. By the way, it is also the first drawing class that St. Vincent have. The school just starts to built an art department in this year, so everything is quite new.  
  I take 6 credits literature courses. They are Arthurian literature and American study. Both classes require a lot of reading. I am sure going to improve my reading speed.  
Shopping is not so easy for us over here. We don't have car and the bus is inconvinient. Fortunatelly, students here are quiet helpful, they took us to the mall for couple times. I am not living with Ruth; I live with an  
American student who is major in Accounting. The school arranges specially for us, because they don't want us to talk Chinese too much. It is great to know somebody in this way. We usually have lunch and dinner with each other's roommate. They really like to talk!:) 

Connie Tseng

Tracy and Ruth say hello to you!!! Ruth got into the chat room but she didn't know what to say about Taipei. (suddenly...her brain is empty! ..well (her brain is always like know!) ) Maybe I have more feeling about this city since I was born and grew up there.  I will go to visit that chatroom...and...try to say something..(If my brain is not empty at that time.. as Ruth's..)