Comparison of Romanization systems

Principles in Romanization of Chinese (Tongyong Pinyin; the government's version)

Entries made (with Wade-Giles romanization).

I. When English translation of the title is not provided
Ch`en, Robert Ju-hsiu 陳儒修. “T`an-hsun Ts`ai Ming-liang tien-ying te hou-hsien-tai-hsing 〈探尋蔡明亮電影的後現代
(five spaces) 性〉[Postmodernity in Tsai Ming-liang’s Films].” Liang-an hou-hsien-tai wend-hsueh yen-t`ao-hui
  《兩岸後現代文學探討會》 [The Conference on Postmodern Literature in Mainland China and Taiwan]. Taipei: 1998/6/12.
When English translation is provided:
Chang, Ivy Ai-chu 張藹珠. “P`iao-p`o te tsai-t`i: Ts`ai Ming-liang tien-ying te shen-t`i-chu-ch`ang yu yu-wang-ch`ang-yu
  〈漂泊的載體:蔡明亮電影的身體劇場與慾望場域〉 (Imagining Queer Bodies: The Erotic
  Site/Sight of Tsai Ming-liang's Films)." Chung-Wai Literary Monthly 358/30:10 (March 2002): 75-98.
Book (When English translation of the title is provided:)
Ts`ai, Ming-liang. Ch`ing-shao-nien no-cha 《青少年哪吒》 (Rebels of the Neon God). Ed. Chang Ching-han 張靚菡.
  Taipei: Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd., 1992.