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Last updated 11/3, 1999

The following list is compiled by all the students in the Research and Bibliography Fall, 1999
Compiled by Jessie Chu and Hosanna

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Titles Comments Fu Jen NTU & N
Basic Core M1). The Oxford Companion to Englsih Literature.  LA
Ref PR19 D73 1985
M2). The Oxford Companion to American Literature. 
"Discussions of authors--inconsistent in directing readers to standard editions and critical works"
810.3 H251 
Ref PS21 H3 1983 
--lit. history M3). A Literary History of England. (1948)(1967) 
"dated. . . the best single-volume history of E. Lit" (1311)
820.9 L776
820.9 L712
PR83 B326
The Oxford History of English Literature  --traditional history of English literature, with 18 volumes
"Open with a chapter on the social, scientific, political, and religious background;"
--selective bib
NTU (incomplete) & Chung-cheng
M4). Literary History of United States: History 

"superceded by Columbia Literary History of the United States"

Comments: Harner--"uneven in scale and quality" "classical"(Harner 3205)
810 S756
810.9016 L712
PS88 L531963 
--biography M6). Literary History of United States: Bibliography  LA
820.16 N42
PS88 L112 1963. 
M5). Ref Z2011 N45 
  "A selective, but extensive, bibliography of works by and about ôl[British] literary authors . . . from the Old English period through those established by 1950.
Ref Z2011 N45 
M7). MLA International Bibliography. Ref Z7006 M72 (only on CD-ROM)
--dictionary M8). OED (Oxford English Dictionary) Ref PE1025 O87 1989
A Supplement to OED. Ref PE025 M964 1933
"A historical dictionary that attempts to record all English words used since c. 1150.
LC: Literary Criticism 1400 - 1800. NTU
TCLC: Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. (up to 1959)
CLC: Contemporary Literary Criticism (1959 to present) 
NCLC: Nineteen Century Literary Critism. 
SC: Shakespeare Criticism
Encyclopedia of post-colonial literatures in English. Benson, Eugene, Conolly, L. W., 
London ; New York : Routledge, 1994., . 
803 En19
Dictionary, Handbooks, Yearbook and Guides M9). A Handbook to Literature
indexed by person
Ref PN41 H6 1986 
M10). Dictionary of World Literary Terms ( not found ) 
Dictionary of world literature : criticism, forms, technique / 
edited by Joseph T. Shipley with the collaboration of 250 scholars and 
other authorities c1953 Ref PN41 Sh64 
M11). Oxford Classical Dictionary Ref PE109 1970 
M12). Penguin Compaion to Literature: European. ( not found) 
The Penguin companion to literature Ref Pn41 P376 
M13). Guide to Reference Books. Ref Z1035.1 C89 1996 11th ed.  NTU:
Ref Z1035 W721 1967 8th ed. 
Ref Z1035 W721 1951 7th ed. 
M14). Dictionary National Biograhy. "an indispensible initial source for details of the lives of the eminent and nortorious (Harner 1434)
M15). Who's who.
Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary Ref DA28 W62 
The Yearbook of English studies N
M16). Contemporary Authors Ref Z1224 C767 
Bibliographies  M17) A World Bibliopgraphy of Bibliographies NTU 
Ref z21002 
Reference works in British and American literature annotated bibliography of bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, indexes, concordances, and current journals NTU
Ref Z2011 B74 1990 v.1  & 2
M18) Bibliographical Index NTU 
Refz1002 B471
M20) Twenteith-Centruy Short Story Exlication  NTU (2F) 
M22) Bibliography of American Literature Ref z1229.c 
M24) A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed SF R015.42 
Ref z2002 
p77 1976
M25) American Bibliography Ref z1215 
M26) Abstracts of English Studies NTU 3F 
M27b) Comprehensive Dissertation Index 1861-1972 NTU Ref z5053 
x27 1973
M28) Essays and General Literature Index NTU Ref 
AI 3 Es 73
M30) Books in Print NTU Ref z472 B644
         Subject Guide to Books in Print NTU Ref AI3 Su15
Index Social sciences citation index (SSCI)
Z7161 So13
Dissertation Abstract International (DAI)
Index to Book Review NTU