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Brief Introduction:

 As time goes by, things are changed, forgotten, or even ruined in our life. Nevertheless, three old-fashioned ladies ignore the

inconvenience caused by the changing environment. On one band, these old ladies and their friends try to keep the happy

moment that they used to have, on the other hand they refuse to face the facts.


Millicent Fortescue --- Andrey Chen

Violet Whichaway --- Rossana Lo

Agatha Chrome --- Dana Tsai

Desmond Dupree --- Edd Chung

First Wrecker --- Monica Huang

Second Wrecker --- Sue Chen

Third Wrecker --- Cerita Liu

Behind the scene:

Director --- Cynthia Chen

Adviser --- Rebecca Yeh

Student director --- Joanna Tsao + Jennifer Tsai

Stage manager --- Sarah Hsu + Sharon Lin

Sound effect --- Grace Wang + Edd Chung

Light effect---Peggy Lin + Teresa Yang

Costume + Make-up --- Angela Lin + Cerita Liu + Allison Lin

Property --- Dorothy Jian + Jessie Wang