Summary of the Play "Aladdin"

One day Alladin follows his kite into the Emperor's garden and meets the Princess Mei-Ling.  They fall in love, but the Emperor, Mei-Ling's father, announces that only "the richest man in China" may marry his daughter.  While wondering how to become rich, Aladdin meets a shrewd Magician disguised as his lon-lost uncle.  The Magician tricks Aladdin and his poor mother, Mrs. So-and-So, with promises of secret treasure in an Enchanted Cave.  After entering the Cave and finding the treasure, Aladdin spoils the Magician's plan to steal the Magic Lamp and discovers the "genie for himself.  Now Aladdin's wish comes true and the Genie, with a little "hum-mumming" help from the audience, even thinks of just the right gift forlthe Emperor, an exotic dancing doll named Fatima.  Soon after their marriage ceremony, Aladdin decides to go hunting and leaves the Lamp behind in the care of Mei-Ling and his mother.  This is the moment the Magician has wwaited for.  Disguised as an old peddler, the Magician fools Mrs. So-and-So into giving away the old magic Lamp for a shiny new one.  Now master of the Genie, the Magician commands him to take Aladdin's mother and Mei-Ling to the Cave as his prisoners.  Fortunately, the twin brother of the Genie of the Lamp, the Genie of the Ring, which is worn by Fatima, arrives to save them, and the Genie of the Lamp sends the Gagician back to Arabia for good.