Advisor-Dr. Lyn Scott

Student Director-Justine Liu

Cast Rosalinda-Ivanne

Jesse Luna-Crytal

Maria Pilar Luna-Stacy

Luisa Ruiz-Olivia

Raphael-Joey Huang


Mrs. Amador-Jenny


Staff Stage Manager-Florence


Sound Effects-Samantha Huang, Melia

Make Up-Cindy, Dennis, Grace Winnie

Costumes-Alicia Set-Insta, Jerry


Dog Lady by Milcha Sanchez-Scott is a could happen anywhere impoverished people live and aspire to overcome difficulties. The play portrays the neighborliness and strong religious faith that binds the residents of this ethnic community together: the faithful mailman, Orlando; Raphael, a would-be Romeo; and Mrs. Amador, a friendly next-door neighbor, all play important parts. Dona Luna has two daughters, Rosalinda and Jesse, each of whom is searching for a quality of greatness and meaning to her life. The character of the mystical Dog Lady, Dona Luisa, adds hope and humor when she finds a way to help Rosalinda race in the Catholic Girls Marathon. Although Bobo and Pepe do not appear on stage, their winning spirits contribute to the surprise at the end.