GREASE is a rock and roll lmusical which opens at the graduation of Rydell High Scholl's 1959 senior class.  The story is a flashback of their young love and dreams during high school when Danny Zuko, leader of the Greasers and Sandy Dumbrowski, the new girlat Rydell, meet each other again after a summer romance whick ended too soon.  Find out how the Pink Ladies help Kenickie and Rizzo, Frenchy and Doody, Jan and Roger, and Marty and "Freddy,"  Patty and LEugene change from Mouseketeers to cool Hand Jives.  We invite you to rock and roll in this performance with our theme, too- "when you'r having fun, you're number one."

Sandy                                                    Carol Lo
Danny    (Greaser)                                 David Wang
Rizzo    (Pink Lady)                               Kate Jing
Kenickie    (Greaser)                              John Tsai
Marty    (Pink Lady)                               Chloe Teng
Sonny    (Greaser)                                  Wayne Lee
Frenchy    (Pink Lady)                            Jennifer Liu
Doody    (Greaser)                                  Michael Lai
Jan    (Pink Lady)                                   Stella Tsai
Roger    (Greaser)                                  Tim Chang
Patty    (cheer leader)                             Margret Hsich
Eugene    (Nerd)                                    Gilbert Wang
Cha-Cha    (Best Dancer)                       Nico Liu
Miss Lynch    (teacher)                          Dorothy Lin
DJ VINCE Fountain                               Tony Sheu
Johnny Casino and The Gambers           Tony Chang
Teen Angel                                             Johnson Jong
Pink Ladies                                             Mickey Shih
                                                               Julia Lin
                                                               Vivian Huang
                                                               Teresa Lin
                                                               Lillian Yang
                                                               Hannah Huang
                                                               Alice Ho
                                                               Artemis Wang