J. B.


FJU English Department Senior Play J. B. brings to our attention problem of human suffering which inspired the author of the Book of Job and the Greek playwright.  In fact some biblical sholars calculate that the dates for Oedipus Tyrannus by Sophocies and the book of Job parallel each other.  By portraying J. B. as a tragic hero, MacLeish  continues a pattern first begun in the fouth century and later documented by Sir James Frazer in THe Golden Bough.  Thus, in J. B. we see elements of Greek tragedy including Messengers, Masks, Ekkcklema in the form of projections and Deus Ex Machina as the Distant Voice.


This modern J. B. differs from Job of the Old Testament: wheras J. B. answers suffering by learning to love.  Job rises to the status of homo cum deo.  According to Paul Ricouer, Job becomes "man with God" who prefigures Jesus Christ.

Through theatre perfomance, we invite you into an arena where you not only connect with confront face to face the universal question of human suffering and Divine Will.

Lyn Scott