Night Sky



Anna: Sherry Shen

Daniel: Dan Chen

Jennifer: Sophie Ke

Doctor: Elena

Speech-therapist: Debra Leepei

Answering Machine: Debra Leepei

Ticket seller: Joanna Peng

Physical Therapist: Melody Luo

Waitress: Stephanie Tang

Aphasic patients: Carol Lin Zoe Ye, Andrea

Jill: May Yang

Reporter + Guest: Zoe Ye

Direction person: Michelle Chang

Friend: Sheena Gao

Saleswoman: Kelly Wang

Behind the scene

Advisor: Dr. Lyn Scott

Director: Dr. Lyn Scott

Student director: Esther Wu

Stage manager: Sheena Gao

Sound effect: Anissa He + Magon Wu

Light effect: Trammy Lin + Helen Shi

Costume: Stephanie Tang + Phyllis Lai

Make-up: Joanne Peng

Property: Melody Luo

Brief Introduction

Anna, an astronomer, lost her speaking ability on account of a car accident; therefore, she became an aphasic patient. It is really difficult for her to speak because she couldn't find out any word. However, with the help from her daughter, Jennifer, and boyfriend, Daniel, she gradually recovered from the illness.