MaMa: Jill Hong
Tonton: Harry Liu
Timoune: Rochelle Liu
Daniel: Richard Lin
Armand Elvis Shen
Andrea: Amanda Chao
Papa Ge: Tim Chang
Asaka: Ivy Lin
Agwe: Fred Li
Erzulie: Deborah Lu
Little Timoune: Anita Huang
Storytellers: Cathy Chao, Elva Yeh, Sally Chuang
Staff Director: Lyn Scott
Musical Director: Gabriel Hong Dancing Ghoreorgapher: Anita Liu, Yu-Hei Lien, Joe Yang
Student Director: Jennifer Chen
Stage Manager: Annie Chen
Technical Director: Allen Chuang, Rachel Liu
Costmes/Make-up: Jill Lai, Nico Kuo, Tina Chang
Sound Effects: Juno Hong
Lighting: Sylvia Chen
Stage Crew: Joseph Chang, Sarah Chang
Publicity: Enya Dai, Katherine Lai, Zoe Chang


The play is a story within a story: when a sudden thunderstorm frightens one of the children, a village of Caribbean peasants act out the romance of Timoune, Daniel and the gods to quieten her cries. Portraying the roles of the grown-up Timoune, the old couple who adopt her, Mama Euralie and Tonton Julian, as well as the parts of the French Beauxhomme who rule their island-Armand, his handsome son Daniel and Andrea who is betrothed to Daniel, the islanders recall their history with the gods Agwe, Asaka, Erzulie and Papa Ge. The ending of the story coincides with the storm's passing.

Why do we sing and play this musical? Well, here is an island "life is why-pain is whey-love is why-grief is why-hope is why-faith is why-YOU are why we tell the stories!" Remember, "our lives become the stories that we weave.