The Wakefield Crucifixion

Instructor: Ms. Lyn Scott

Advisor/Director: Ms. Lyn Scott

Student Director: Christina Jey

Stage Manager: Nancy Lee

Musician: Faye Chan


The play is about the crucifixion of Jesus, including the scenes of torture, death, and resurrection. Torturers torment and make fun of Jesus. Plate, Caiaphas and Annas conspire against Jesus. Even though they abuse him, Jesus prays to God to forgive their sins. What Jesus does is to atone for people's sin. In the end, two angles announce that Jesus has risen from the tomb. He shows God's power and miracle.


Jesus: Sean Hsu

Mary: Mandy Shu

Pilate: Nancy Lee

John: Derrick Wei

1st torturer: Jamie We

2nd torturer: Gary Hsieh

3rd torturer: April Shin

Blind Beggar: Faye Chan

Nicodemus: Christina Jey

Joseph of Arimathea: Grace Hsu

Caiaphas: Francesca Jeng

Annas: Sophia Hsu

1st Knight: Selena Chiou

2nd Knight: Vicky

3rd Knight: Maggie Ke

Gabriel: Grace Hsu Mary,

Mother of James: Charity