College Theatre Chronology of English Play Productions

CFL English Department and SOCE English Department

1970 - 2001



Tidings Brought to Mary, Claudel


Riders from the Sea, Synge Colet
1971 Charlie's Aunt, Thomas Lan Ying, Fosalinda Tan Overtones, Gerstenberg
1972 The Chalk Garder, Bagnold Bromkamp
Sorry, Wrong Number, Fletcher DeValle
1974 The Sound of Music, Rodgers and Hammerstein Devalle
Trifles, Glaspell Schaefer
The Still Alarm, Kaufman Schaefer
1975 The Would Be Gentleman, Moliere Vargo
A Man for All Seasons, Bolt Cameron
Suppressed Desires, Glaspell Schaefer
The More the Merrier Schaefer
1976 Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare Cameron
The Miracle Worker, Gibson
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Gesner Schaefer
1977 Man of La Mancha, Wasserman Schaefer
1978 Trojan Women, Euripides Vargo
My Fair Lady, Lerner and Loewe Schaefer
The Rednose Reindeer
Sorry, Wrong Number, Fletcher
Spy to Spy
Many Moons
Hubbub on the Bookshelf
Hen Party
Antigone, Euripides
The Sandbox, Albee
A Bargain's a Bargain
The More the Merrier Schaefer
The Will Schaefer
The Still Alarm, Schaefer
Overtones, Glaspell Schaefer

Original Drama, Casey

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Chi C. Chi

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