*Please see the University's Student Handbook for important university rules.

1. Prerequisite courses

Introduction of Western Literature prerequisite for all other literature courses
Composition & Conversation I - English Composition / Conversation II
English Composition & Conversation II -English - for -- for English Composition / Conversation III
English Composition & Conversation III for Advanced Writing courses
Introduction of English Linguistics prerequisite for all other courses in linguistics
Applied Computer Technology - for other courses in computer

2. A student who fails either the first or the second semester of Conversation & Composition I, II, or III must repeat both semesters of the course. Credits for the same course can only be recognized once.

3. 60 is the lowest passing grade. The university allows students who score from 50 - 59 in the first semester of a year course to continue to take the course in the second semester, and then repeat the first semester in the next school year. Students who score under 50 may continue the course in the second semester with the permission of the professor (see the Student Handbook).