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Great Books


Each of the Great Books videos comes with ideas for using Assignment Discovery programs in your classroom.   Please go to the Great Books page of Discovery Channel  School 
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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Twain¡¦s masterpiece is a picaresque romp, a series of outlandish episodes involving the boy who would become literature¡¦s favorite runaway. Yet it also grapples with one of the most powerful themes in our nation¡¦s history¡Xslavery. 
Video Box Catch-22 
Yossarian didn¡¦t want to fly any more missions, so he pleaded insanity. But his desire not to fly proved he was sane. The Army¡¦s name for this inescapable dilemma? Catch-22. Meet Joseph Heller, who based this satirical classic on his own war experiences. 
Video Box Don Quixote
The image of Don Quixote tilting at windmills is one of the most enduring in literature. Through this addled protagonist and his pudgy sidekick, Sancho Panza, Cervantes skewers the courtly romances of his day and explores the line between fantasy and reality. 
Video Box Freud¡¦s Interpretation of Dreams
Before Freud, dreams were seen as messages from the world of the spirits. His extraordinary book revolutionized the way we look at ourselves¡Xour hopes, fears and fantasies. Using a unique series of dream sequence reenactments, experts and artists escort viewers down the dark road of the unconscious and into a deeper understanding of the inner life of humans. 
Video Box Galileo¡¦s Dialogue
Witness the clash between egotistical visionary and Catholic Church, as faith and reason again conflict. The most controversial book of its time, Galileo¡¦s promotion of a heliocentric universe landed him in jail for heresy until his death. 
Video Box Great Expectations 
Part fairy tale and part horror story, Great Expectations is a harsh tableau of London¡¦s stratified Victorian society. Follow the life of the boy called Pip, whose dreams begin to unravel as he learns the true cost of becoming a gentleman. 
Video Box The Great Gatsby
The most widely read American novel of this century, The Great Gatsby explores the uniquely American possibilities for remaking oneself. You¡¦ll learn how Fitzgerald, through Gatsby, defined for millions the era known as the Jazz Age. 
Video Box Gulliver¡¦s Travels
Jonathan Swift¡¦s satirical masterwork, Gulliver¡¦s Travels, was a blockbuster bestseller in its time. England in the 18th century was a country ripe with social ironies, and Swift mined them all to give bite to this fantastic narrative. Discover how Swift¡¦s prickly prose remains on-target even today. 
Video Box Moby-Dick
More than just an adventure, Moby-Dick is an epic morality play, an allegory of good and evil and of man¡¦s relationship to nature. Enjoy a visual feast of historic images and clips from the classic film, plus a compelling portrait of the author. 
Video Box The Odyssey
The journey of Trojan War hero Odysseus back to his kingdom in Ithaca is one of the world¡¦s greatest epic adventures. Homer¡¦s poem has been plundered for images and phrases by creative artists for centuries. Join experts, scholars, and actors as they explore the timeless appeal of this great story. 
Video Box Plato¡¦s Republic
Give your students an excellent introduction to Plato and to the philosophical questions he raised that still resonate today. The video dramatizes many of the scenes from the text, including the famous allegory of the cave. 
Video Box The Prince
Machiavelli¡¦s masterpiece of manipulation and political intrigue was written more than 500 years ago, but its principles still live. Politician Gary Hart and statesman Henry Kissinger, among other experts, discuss how The Prince has influenced world leaders and the course of history from medieval times until the present. 
Video Box The Scarlet Letter 
The story of Hester Prynne explores questions still asked today: What is moral? And what is good? The video re-creates the strict world of Puritan New England and draws parallels with our seemingly more licentious modern world. 
Video Box Walden
Emphasizing spirituality over materialism, this classic of American Transcendentalism urges people to free themselves from the ¡§quiet desperation¡¨ of their lives. You¡¦ll visit Walden, where Thoreau conducted his experiment in simple living. 
Understanding Cities
From bedrock to blight, see how cities live and die from the ground up. Explore the water and sewer systems as well as architectural landmarks of five great cities. And hear insights from historians, urban planners, architects and social scientists as they assess the past, present and future of these crowded, crowning symbols of civilization.
Times Medieval
Knights in shining armor, tales of valor and  bravery, magnificent castles rising out of the  mist—they’re all here in this four-part video that looks at the Age of Chivalry.