South Africa: 

Race Relations

Races & their parties
14% -- The Dutch immigrants -- known as the Boers or Afrikaners--National Party;  
70% -- Africans -- African National Congress (ANC) and Pan-Africanist Congress
14% -- Colored -- mixed-race people primarily descending from the earliest settlers and the indigenous peoples
2% -- Asian -- e.g. Indian 


Apartheid (a Dutch word for "apartness" ): 5 million whites dominated over 28 million people (of African, Indian, and white ancestry).  The latter possessed only 13 percent of the land, received poorer education, were denied the rights of free speech, assembly, and lawful trial.  (see examples of the laws.)

Inequality between Whites and Blacks & Discrepancy in their Living Standards 
Left -- Suburb of Johanesberg; Right -- Soweto



Two playgrounds: the white's on the left and the black's on the right (image source: Culture in Another South Africa p 83.)

larger size
a park made by youth during 1985 as part of the 'Operation Cleanup' (a campaign) 
organized by UDF(the United Democratic Front ) affiliates.