World literature in English
Group  presentation outline
Group members: Gill, Sina
Pamala, Daisy, Sara
May. 16, 1999

I. Introduction:
        1. Canadian government's immigrant policy
        2. Clement Virgo the director
        3. DJ Rude in pirate station
          1. Narrator of the film
          2. Challenging the Canadian government's immigrant policy
          3. Calling out the lost souls of African Caribbean ghetto in Canada
        II. Three urban stories:
        1. Luke: (an ex-drug dealer tempting to sell drug again.)
          1. Manhood vs. money
          2. Family relationship
          3. Temptation of drug dealing
        1. Maxine: (a window dresser occupied by emotional anguish)
          1. Recovering from abortion
          2. Breakup of her relationship¡@
        1. Jordan: (a shy boxer who's bullied into gay-bashing)
          1. A violent gay-bashing incident in a park
          2. Facing to his homosexual oriented identity¡@
        III. Symbolic meanings used in Rude
        • Salvation
          • A powerful lion
          • Jesus wall painting
        • Maxine's former self --  spirit child
        • Racial Discrimination -- Yankee

        • Yankee vs. Reece
          Yankee vs. Luke's son
        • Self-destruction --Jordan's wounded hands

        •   -- Luke's self-portrait burning
        • Rebirth -- Sunset -- Dawn
        IV. Theme:
          A.. Gender relationship
          1. Luke vs. Jessica // Reece vs. Jessica
          2. Maxine vs. her boy friend
          3. Jordan vs. homosexuality
        1. Drug dealing
          1. Yankee vs. Reece ( Rude)
          2. Papa vs. Chalin ( Salaam Bombay)¡@
        V. Questions and Class discussion