Group Report on
Julia Hsieh &
Jean Liang
    Mr. Ramgoolam's sense of homeless is the result of one-way immigration that also leads to the lack of belongingness. Struggling between the nostalgic complex and conflicts in reality, Mr. Ramgoolam faces not only rootlessness but helpless confinement
    I.  Introduction
  1. Background Information

  2. Bissoondath and Trinidad 
  3. "Security":  Setting
    1. The Ramgoolam's house in Caribbean Islands
    2. Apartment in Toronto - Images of confined space and the open space
C.  The degradation of social status
    1. "Come on down" -- going up --  lights
    2. Mercedes convertible  --  Honda

    II. Mr. Ramgoolam's relationship with others
    A. Domestic relationship
    1. Mr. R. v.s. wife
    2. Mr. R. v.s. sons
    B. Social relationship
e.g. searching for a job in Toronto
    III. Mr. Ramgoolam's One-Way trip
  1. Inner Struggle
    1. Away from home
    1. confrontation to the new environment
    2. house ¡V security
    3. lack of belongingness
    1. Poor health
    2. Gentleman at large ¡V parasite complex
    3. Loneliness
  1. Nostalgia
    1. re-search for religion
    2. memory from India ¡V the motherland
    3. Tradition v.s. Modern
      1. Funeral
      2. Vacuum v.s. broom
    IV. Conclusion
  • Bissoondath's major theme is "the lack of belongingness" which is somehow the sense of security that Mr. Ramgoolam lacks.