History --India:  


1774 Warren Hastings of the British India Company became the first governor-general of India.
1857-58  the Mutiny, until then the British were more or less welcome. 
1885 The Indian National Congress Party was set up.  (Under mahatma Gandhi and jawaharlal Nehru, the Congress later led the national independence movement.)
1947 8/14;8/15 Partition into India and Pakistan; 
& Independence

 Gandhi (Parrinder 230)
1948 India achieved sovereignty.
1965 Indo-Pakistani war
1975-1977 Indira Gandhi's Emergency Rule
The Positive (?) Work of the Colonizer: 
  • a univerfied code of law 
  • a single administrative language
  • the world's greatest railroad network

The British, however, did nothing to 
weaken the religious rivalries or caste system.

The Gate of India, the symbol of Bombay, in memory of the arrival of King George V's arrival in 191l.  
p. 57.