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Salman Rushdie
  Rushdie's Midnight's Children 

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Reviews of the collection of short stories

"Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies"
  1. What does story say about women's situation in India in relation to Indian society and British colonizers?
  2. In what ways does the advice expert give Miss Rehana advice?   How does his advice turn out to be "good advice"?
  3. Reflection question: Do you find any similar situations in Taiwan?
"Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain Consummate Their Relationship"
  1. Columbus needed to make connections in order to make his voyages and in April 1492 King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I agreed to sponsor his expedition, which marked the  the first step in the creation of the Spanish overseas colonial empire.  But why does Rushdie just focus on Queen Isabella? How are the relationships between Isabella and Columbus described?  What are the reasons Rushdie gives and suggests for Columbus' pursuit of Isabella?
  2. How does Columbus and Isabella "consumate" their relationship?
  3. Who are the listeners of the story (see the italicized part)?  Are they British?  Spanish or Indian?
  4. What is the tone of the narration?