Neville 'kamau' Crawford RESIST (1985)
Contemporary Indian (Subcontinent), Caribbean, and Canadian Literature: 

(De-)Colonization, National Identity and Migration

A Reader (and Sources)

Kate Liu and Wenchi Lin, eds., Spring, 1999

Fu Jen and Central U.

  1. India and Pakistan
  1. Poems:

      Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) "Flute-music"(I 9-11)

      Sujata Bhatt (1956-) "What is Worth Knowing?" (I 99-100)

      Imtiaz Dharker (1954-) "Purdah, 1"(I 170-71)

  3. Short Stories and Novels
    1. Narayan "Anamalai"

      "Under the Banyan Tree" (II)

      Salman Rushdie "Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies"

      "Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain Consummate Their Relationship"

      from East, West (III 3-20; 123-38)
      * optional: Midnight's Children first chapter (IV 3-19)

3. Pakistan:

Sara Suleri from Meatless Days (V )

4. Indian Diaspora:

N. Bissoondath "Digging Up the Mountains"(VI 1-20);
"Insecurity"; (VI 68-77)
* optional: "Security" (VII 85-110)
B.Mukherjee "The Lady from Lucknow" (VIII 345-56)
  • The Caribbean
    1. Poetry
      1. Mutabaruka "dis poem" (IX 462-63)

        Linton Kwesi Johnon "Street 66" (IX 374-75)

        "Reggae fi Dada" (IX 375-78)

        Mikey Smith "Black and White" (IX 379)

        The Might Sparrow "Dan in the Man in the Van" (X 543-45)

    2. Short Stories and Novels
      1. Jean Rhys from The Wide Sargasso Sea (XVII)

    3. Caribbean Diaspora

    Bossoondath "Dancing" (XI)

    * optional "On the Eve of Uncertain Tomorrow" (VII 1-26)

    Dionne Brand "Blossom" (X 263-71)

    Austin Clarke "Griff!" (XI)

    * optional A. Clarke "The Canadian Experience" (X 49-63)

  • Canada
    1. Poetry

    2. Earle Birney "Can. Lit." (VIII)

      Margaret Atwood "Thoughts from Underground" from Journal III (of Susanna Moody) (VIII 594)

      "Tricks with Mirror" (VIII 595-96)

      Leonard Cohen "Suzanne Takes you Down" (VIII 548-49)

      "A Kite is a Victim" (VIII 547-48)

      Laiwan "The Imperialism of Syntax" (XIII 57-58)

    3. Short Stories and Novels
      1. Margaret Atwood from The Handmaid's Tale (XVIII)

        Alice Munro "Something I've Been Meaning to Tell you."

        "The Found Boat" (XV 1-23; 125-37)

        D. Cheong "The Concubine's Children" (XVI 59-78)


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