Response to Carol Tsao's Q [袁韻璧 : 2003/4/25 上午 08:00:37]
"Chinese has very few incontrovertible polysyllabic morphemes, and most of those that do exist are borrowed from other languages--for example, putao 'grape', hudie 'butterfly', boli 'glass', meigui 'rose'." Li & Thompson (1981: 45) Mandarin Chinese: A functional reference grammar. (Tones omitted from quotation.) So 葡萄 must have been borrowed as a whole word, bisyllabic, and a character was invented for each syllable, since each character represents one syllable (normally a morpheme in itself, but in these cases just sound). [The above part was taken from some email communication with Prof. Nash]. Carol, I think you've asked a good question. But in the future can you post the question under the realted issue (in this case, e.g., you should go to "Morphology")in the area of 課程單元1? I think it's easier for people who are interested in morphology to find the realted questions and the follow-up discussion. Do you agree?
Re: Carol's Question (and also my own question) [雷克斯 : 2003/4/22 下午 05:36:26]
Still, I would take "葡" or "萄" as a Chinese character; what's interesting, they are only meaningful, when they are put together.

When it comes to the smalles unit of Chinese language, I think of 部首. They carry meaning and make up words by getting along with one another. On the other hand, there are certain limitations in Chinese morphology. No matter how complicated one Chinese character is, there can never be too many morphemes in it, owing to its limitedly square shape. Unlike Chinese, English can shift it function easily or creating new meanings by adding some morphemes...

What do you think?

Chinese morphemes *.* [Carol Tsao : 2003/4/20 下午 01:10:53]
Just a little problem comes to my mind. When reading the 5th Chapter---morphology. I suddenly think about one Q. Since morphemes are the smallest elements of a language that carry "MEANINGS," what about some examples in Chinese? Ex:葡萄,鳳梨,小說, and so on. Is 葡 a morpheme? Or 葡萄 is a morpheme? Please, who can answer my question?
"ㄅ一ㄤ \ "? [雷克斯 : 2003/4/18 上午 09:03:25]
Believing that you've heard this word(?) in your daily life, I wonder if you know the origin of "ㄅ一ㄤ \."

One of my friends shared the interesting secret with me, that ㄅ一ㄤ \ could be viewed as the acronym of three Chinese characters: 不一樣!

e.g. 你今天穿得很ㄅ一ㄤ \ 喔!

For your reference!

語言的溝通................ [Alice : 2003/4/12 下午 05:39:11]
This is an article I found and would like to share with you guys. 唸書之餘 別忘了放鬆一下自己ㄡ期中考加油!!! 溝通不良 貓狗天生冤家 狗族搖尾伸爪表善意 貓族看來是挑釁 也有和諧相處範例 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【佛光社以色列訊】電影「貓狗大戰」已點明貓狗自古以來即不合的論調,貓與狗的敵對態度,引起以色列科學家的關注,研究發現,貓狗的不合並不是源自古老童話,而是因為牠們「溝通不良」。 命名為「貓狗為何成冤家?」的實驗,其主角是一隻德國短毛貓,以及一條西班牙長毛犬。牠們倆年紀都不滿二歲,正是活潑好動的時候,牠們從出生後一直都和同類相處,彼此從未見過面。 科學家把短毛貓與長毛犬放在同一間實驗室裡,先讓牠們相互認識彼此,大約過了三分鐘左右,平易近人的長毛犬,終於按耐不住想要認識新朋友的慾望,朝表現比較「酷」的短毛貓走去。 此時問題浮現,長毛狗為了示好,起勁地搖起尾巴,並且伸出爪子,研究指出,當狗搖尾伸爪時,代表「來和我玩吧!」或「給我點東西吃」,但是這種動作,短毛貓不解其意,相反地,牠看到長毛犬的動作時還挺火大,因為搖尾伸爪在貓族的解讀中剛好相反,代表「走開,不然對你不客氣!」。有趣的是,當短毛貓發出「呼嚕嚕」的聲音主動對狗表達好意時,聽在狗的耳朵裡卻是一種挑釁的意思,這代表「少煩我,要不然你死定了!」。 其實,貓和狗也有和諧相處的範例,如果貓與狗一出生就彼此生活在一起,彼此學會對方的「語言」,打破溝通不良的情形,交流起來沒有誤會,自然就互相欣賞了。(佛光社)
Humm... [Isabel : 2003/3/25 下午 10:43:54]
I had a bit of a problem with that too at the beggining Sally, but it was because my filename was already used by someone who posted it before me... make sure your file does not have the same name as other already uploaded files...
i still failed in uploading the homeworks!!! [Sally : 2003/3/25 下午 12:42:35]
I felt so discouraged coz i have tried to upload my homework a thousand still didn't work!!!WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT??? Could anyone tell me why my file did't work at all??? Sally
Foreign Accents [Isabel : 2003/3/22 上午 12:39:15]
I'm not sure if this page is suitable for our class, but just for fun then, here's a page of "foreign accents in english" audio samples. Quite amusing!They have Taiwanese too :)
"experiments" [袁韻璧 : 2003/3/21 下午 04:45:19]
Yes. There are two morphemes in "experiments". "experiment" is a lexical morpheme and "-s", the inflectional morpheme. YP Yuan
Re: uno's question.... [雷克斯 : 2003/3/21 上午 12:22:16]
你慘了∼連不常上課的賈斯丁都知道: experiments 的s才是 inflectional morpheme....
Re: Wendy Chang's "calling '7' has nothing to do w/ clipping " [雷克斯 : 2003/3/21 上午 12:18:14]
As I mentioned that the 'clipping' principle could be applied here, it was used by counting syllables--reducing the 5-syllabe term into a 2-syllable one( 7-11 => 7 ). Because Chinese characters are monosyllable(單音) and of complete meanings(完形), clipping can hardly be used in Chinese morphology. BTW, since the URL of Chinese lingual study provided by 小毛驢 proves my point, maybe you guys can check it. (漢語表現形式 => 3.簡略 => (1)簡略詞)
wondering [uno : 2003/3/20 下午 11:38:27]
i doubt this question for a long time. ex: give, gives, are "inflectional" morphemes, but how about the plural of Noun? 'experiment" is lexical morpheme. Yet, "experiments" is inflectional morpheme? if now i wonder.....haaha
謝謝熱心的小毛驢 [小溫 : 2003/3/19 下午 02:35:04]
Thank you for sharing the interesting website. It is helpful for our report.
當下青少年流行語 [小毛驢 : 2003/3/17 下午 10:17:56]


borrowed words in chinese [小毛驢 : 2003/3/17 下午 10:14:21]
jeep, tank, poker, romantic, cola, aids, bus, motorcycle, marathon, coffee, salad... whoever writes a report on this topic, I wish you luck
Jean 我覺得我可以來當個葉教授 [小毛驢 : 2003/3/17 下午 10:11:08]
當你找到exercise後, 就是互動學習那個, 上面有個“課程單元一” 點進去就可了...
關於Simon的問題 [小溫 : 2003/3/17 下午 03:52:08]
關於中文的Morphology,我記得在高中國學概要第一冊第一章有提到中文字的 “字” 和 “詞” 的定義,但我現在已經記不清楚了。如果有同學還保留這本課本,麻煩幫忙找一找﹗
如何上傳呢? [Jean : 2003/3/17 上午 11:58:29]
Hey, guys~ I don't know hot to 上傳 our assignment? I've tried many times, but it didn't succeed. I wonder what my problem is.
我找到Assignment 1 啦 !! [Jean : 2003/3/17 上午 11:20:14]
Thanks Ryan ans Isabel for telling me ^o^... Thanks a lot
歐..歐...歐...... [Camille : 2003/3/17 上午 04:47:27]
我花了一小時才進的來這裡 再加上電腦狂當 我想...我也要變成電腦白癡了吧>< 各位同學..早上好! (烏 Ithe last><)
this is m"a"vis!!!!!! [mavis : 2003/3/14 下午 11:53:39]
haha! finally!
Some questions about morpheme [simon : 2003/3/14 下午 08:55:41]
Hi everyone: There are some questions, which come up in my mind related morphology, so I would like to share my questions with you. When I was doing the Exercise 1 that teacher just gave us today, I found I wasn’t sure in identifying morphemes in Chinese sentence such as “我把我的生物課本拿走了.” In this sentence, does anyone can really clearly specify all the morphemes? Taking “課本” as a example, I think each “課” or “本” has it’s own meaning and can be independent by themselves, but when these two characters are gathered together which means “課本” becomes a compounding word through the derivational process. In this case, “課” and “本” are lexical morpheme, but “課本” becomes a derivational morpheme. Another example is like one of classmate’s funny nickname“嚕咕嚕咕魔法陣,” are “嚕” “咕” “魔” “法” “陣” all lexical morphemes? I am doubtful about “嚕” and “咕” because I don’t think both characters have their own meaning when they are independent, so “嚕” “咕” may not be lexical morphemes. Instead, “嚕咕” becomes a lexical morpheme rather than a derivational morpheme. I think this example is quite different from “課本,” although they are quite similar in some ways. As for the derivational process, does “嚕咕嚕咕” is a kind of reduplications since the morpheme “嚕咕” is repeated twice. On the other hand, “嚕咕嚕咕魔法陣,” is also a process of compounding because three morphemes “嚕咕” “魔法” “陣” are joined together. Am I right in my assumption? Hopefully, I can receive comments and critiques from you. By the way, so far our discussions are mostly related to English, I suggest that maybe we can have more examples in Chinese in order that people won’t be confused while identifying morphemes.
Re: Carl's question and Carol's reponse... [雷克斯 : 2003/3/14 上午 01:05:09]
I think the "clipping" principle of English derivational process can also be applied to that of Mandarin. For example, I just heard the 流行性感冒 become 流感 on Newscast program a couple of days ago(influenza -> flu, too). Hence, it's reasonable that how the 5-syllable brand name(seven-eleven) would be cut into 2-syllable one(seven).
hi..yo [uno : 2003/3/13 下午 11:48:15]
this is my first time...testing, testing,123
hard to get in *__* [Carol Tsao : 2003/3/13 下午 09:22:17]
Finally, I find here and successfully leave my first message here. I think that the question Carl mentioned on another message board (why we call 7-11 "Seven" is just because we are too lazy.) Take another example. Why we call "觀音" instead of "救苦救難大慈大悲觀世音菩薩."
Finally!!! [Isabel : 2003/3/12 下午 06:31:12]
Somebody has to fix the English version of this site's registration page, IT DOES NOT WORK~~!!! Oh yeah, where's the exercise? ?__?
I am Mevis.....EEEE李曼瑋 [mevis : 2003/3/12 下午 06:17:47]
finally got here lo..... but, where is the exercise? aren't we going to do it online?
The Definition of "Yuppie"... [咕嚕咕嚕魔法陣 : 2003/3/12 上午 02:07:14]
According to the online version of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, it defines the term "yuppie" as: yup•pie (also yuppy) /jpi/ noun (pl. -ies) (informal, often disapproving) a young professional person who lives in a city and earns a lot of money that they spend on expensive and fashionable things Formed from the first letters of the words ‘young urban professional’. Hope it's useful for everyone~ May blessing be with you^^
不好意思.... [雷克斯 : 2003/3/11 下午 10:29:23]
因為有時會收到一些轉錄信件,所以再轉上來要註明出處時,發現不可考。以後我盡量備註其是否為轉錄文章和其作者,相信大家夠聰明,看得出除了"賽百味"是我親身經歷外,其他皆為轉錄文章。謝謝! PS這裡不好排版,若造成您閱讀上的困擾,見諒!  Sorry for forwarding some of my letters here without reciting their sources, since I could not tell where they were from. From now on, I will try my best to recite the source and the creator/author if forwarding any letter here again. Except for the subway article, the other ones are forward mails. PS It's not convenient to edit articles here; sorry for your inconvenient reading.
台語真難... [雷克斯 : 2003/3/11 下午 09:54:20]
話說長榮航空的人員多被要求說台語,對部分台語不佳的年輕一代來說,平日工作增加不少困難一次,一位老太太操台語辛苦完成訂位,長榮航空的訂位人員基於好心,再三叮嚀,請她搭機時務必要記得"早兩個鐘頭"到機場. ----試著用國語"直譯"那種很破的"台語"唸唸看吧.結果,這位老太太就"帶著兩個枕頭"到機場櫃檯報到了.還一直問櫃檯人員,為什麼要帶兩個枕頭...#@% ----------------------- 台語怎麼講  台語新聞裡面,報導柯林頓的口交案時,是怎麼講的?台語怎麼講?剛看某站的閒聊版,才道聽途說地知道民視在台語新聞裡面,報導柯林頓的口交案時是怎麼講:「柯林頓的速覽趴事件?」 真是... -_-|||(大滴汗)而且報導的還不是別人,還是當家花旦主播廖筱君小姐,太勁爆了!不過,我實在想不出台語應該怎麼講...---------------------   前幾天我去台中nova逛時,看到一個送貨員抱著一箱貨物到處詢問別人住址,奇怪....地址明明在這...怎麼都找不到....??我好奇的上前看看赫然發現上面的店名竟然寫著滷肉(請用台語念念).真是@#$%... ---------------------  是一個很有愛心的但不太會講台語的實習護士,在一次的實習機會裡,她親切地對只會說台語的老阿媽說:「阿媽!我是乎你死(護理系)的學生﹐我的老師叫我來乎你勇氣(氧氣)﹐乎你死死 (吸一吸)ㄟ!」老阿媽面露懼色﹐渾身發抖﹐搖頭直囔:「麥,麥ㄚ!」xxx見她如此倔強﹐拿過氧氣罩毫不留情的硬往臉上一放:什麼麥芽!豆芽!趕快死(吸)!快死!那不死!死死ㄟ卡爽快!」-----------------------  話說有一個空姐台語不太輪轉....一天她在一班都是阿公阿媽旅客的班機服務,快到目的地時...她用台語說:「各位旅客,快要到您ㄝ墓地(目的地),請準備好您ㄝ牲禮(行李),飛機快要掉落來了(降落)」-----------------  有個某大公司的職員-游發金和涂彌一起到美國出差,到了美國海關時,海關小姐就問第一個人說:What's your name? 游發金就說:Fucking you. 結果那海關小姐就很生氣又很難過的跑去跟她的經理說有兩個中國人在對他性騷擾.結果經理看了---游發金---的護照後,就對海關小姐說,那不是他騷擾你,而是他真的叫Fucking You呀! 結果那小姐也就釋懷了,接著那小姐又說:Next one, what's your name? 結果---涂彌---說: He is Fucking you. 接著用手指指自己:Me too!
Another example of "Borrowing" [雷克斯 : 2003/3/11 下午 12:39:15]
Subway -> 賽百味 (transliteration) 這是我在 Washington D. C. 的 Chinatown 看到的,翻得很讚吧!   <( ̄︶ ̄)>
今天上到 borrowing,熊熊給它想到這笑話.... [雷克斯 : 2003/3/11 下午 12:36:33]
牡丹樓 話說巫啟賢到中國大陸四川開演唱會。當天造成很大的轟動,主辦單位的一位高幹很高興地對巫啟賢說:「無論如何你一定要讓我請你吃飯,我請你去咱們四川最先進的"牡丹樓"餐廳吃飯,有牛肉、雞肉、魚肉...等。」巫啟賢心想,「哇!"牡丹樓"一定是四川很有名的百年老店,這下有口福了,反正是明天晚上的飛機。」便答應了。 隔天中午這高幹就派了一輛車子來接巫啟賢車子行駛了很久,巫啟賢骨頭都快搖散了,巫啟賢就問還有多才會到?這位高幹興奮的說:「快到了,就在前面看到沒?」巫啟賢趕緊往車外望去,瞧了老半天就是沒瞧見"牡丹樓"的招牌,只看到一個很大的招牌"M"。高幹很高興的說:「 "牡丹樓"是咱們四川最先進的餐廳,有牛肉口味的、雞肉口味的,也有魚肉的。」 巫啟賢差點沒昏倒,千里拔涉就為了來吃「麥當勞」∼ 原來這位高幹說的是英文"McDonald's",因為四川口音太重,聽起來變成"牡丹樓"。
登錄成功ㄌ拉 [Judy Cheng : 2003/3/8 上午 12:24:11]
Thanks God !!! [simon : 2003/3/4 下午 06:43:51]
It's so joyful that I register successfully in this time !!!
哈哈哈 [卡兒 : 2003/3/4 下午 06:28:02]
終於成功登入囉..其他同學趕快加油吧..哈哈哈...<成功轉型的CAROL CHANG>
都沒人@@...咦咦咦? [咕嚕咕嚕魔法陣 : 2003/3/3 下午 10:38:32]
為什麼已經過一個禮拜都還沒有很多人登入咧!?是不是都在忙著唸morphology呢 ̄﹏ ̄大家加油唄~≧▽≦ 不負責任發言~逃...╮( ̄︶ ̄)╭
Nice to See You Guys Again~! [雷克斯 : 2003/2/25 下午 07:56:18]
Hi! Guys! I'm Rex. Last semester I went to St. Vincent College in U.S. as an exchange student. I missed you guys so much. And it's my pleasure to be in linguistics with you! Good Luck! ~( ̄▽ ̄)~(_△_)~( ̄▽ ̄)~ Rex
給選修此課程的同學 [bin : 2003/2/20 上午 09:34:47]