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The famous sculpture in front of a building of Columbia University, where I got my master’s degree in 1984.
Thank-Teacher Banquet, class of 19(91?)  

  It was taken on 08/31/1988.  I (3rd left) went to Kending National Park with Iren Tien (2nd left), Sun-I Chen (4th left), Connie (dept. secretary, 5th left), Joyce Liu (our new Chair then, 3rd right), Paul Gabriel (our new teacher, just finished his Ph D, 1st right), and some students.

It was taken at the wedding banquet (4/12/1998) of Alex Ma and Duan-duan.  Tom Nash was playing the piano (in an exaggerated way) at the back.  Ray still had some hair then.

  It was taken at Sun Moon Lake, in 2/1/1989.  It’s one of the very few photos where you see me wearing short hair.

We (Sr. Edith, 1st left, and Evelyn Hsieh, 2nd left) went for a field trip (of our freshman conversation/composition class) to the Lin’s Garden in My of 1987.

  They are the first group of my students that I have taught at the Eng. Dept. (Rebecca Yeh, the 2nd left).  Yes, I started teaching at Fu Jen in 1984, a long time ago!  But the picture was taken in June of 1987 when they were juniors.

When the staff of the dept. magazine Elite interviewed my husband (the one next to me) and I in the living room of my apartment, Sammy (a junior student, who was cooking for us that night) and Judy (dept. secretary) came along.

  Me and my classmates before our college graduation (taken in June, 1981).  Can you find me in the picture?

Joyce Liu (1st right) and I went to a class trip (Damsui) with some of the freshmen (Doris Chang, 2nd right) in the summer of 1986.

  Thank-Teacher Banquet, class of 1986 (Julie Lee, our dept. secretary, the 2nd right, 2nd row).  It was taken on 6/3/1990.

At Dee Dee’s (my former assistant and my favourite student) birthday party in 2000.

  Thank-Teacher Banquet, class of 1998