Drama 3

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At first, when Gwendolen and Cecily discovered
Jack and Algy's lies, they went away angrily for
the deceit and decided to stop speaking to the
liars. But then, when the two men came in,
Gwendolen and Cecily forgave them at once breaking
all what they had said before. However, the girls
insisted on the problem of names. Both wanted to
marry to a man of the name Ernest. So when they
learned that Jack and Algy were going to be
christened again as Ernest, the girls were very
surprised and happy for their lovers were going to
do such terrible thing as being christened just to
please them. From here we can see that in the
characters opinion, Christening and baptism seemed
to be the most dreadful thing in the world that it
was a great sacrifice for one to do so. In
addition to this, they gave no importance to this
religious ceremony for one could be christened as
many time as he pleased and all what you need is
courage and money for that. Lady Bracknell even
considered it as a waste of money.
Lady Bracknell was a indeed a snob. All what
she cared was people's property. When she was
firstly told about Cecily and Algy's engagement,
she opposed to it because she thought that Cecily,
as the ward of Jack and being a country girl,
could not have a good family background. But when
the old woman learned that Cecily had a large
amount of money as fortune, Lady Bracknell
immediately changed her attitude and showed her
approval to the young girl. In the text, Lady
Bracknell said: 'Few girls of the present day have
any really solid qualities, any of the qualities
that last, and improve with time.' I think the
'solid qualities' she meant was nothing else but
money that is solid and increases with time by
What made the play comical was that all lies
became real. Jack's real name was indeed Ernest
and Algy was really Jack's brother. Regards to
the ending, apart from being comical, maybe it
also made us reflect on ourselves. For all these
absurd and funny things, such as looking things
superficialy and following some kind of silly
forms, do happen too in our real
life. Just like the ending, what seemed to be
fiction was actually true, so maybe at the time
we are laughing at the characters we are laughing
at ourselves too.


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