The importance of being earnest

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In the scene one,we will see the four charactors.
Algernon,Ernest,Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen.
four of them are very rich, they are the upper class.
It is a comedy and it seems to satirize the people.
ALgernon who looks like the narmal rich man, he just
know how to enjoy his life,if he intersting in something ,
he had to understanding the whole things, as like
as the cigarette case, he had to know who is Cicily
I think his behaviour is so crazy that he don't
know who is Cicily and anything about her, when
Gwendonlen asked Jack's address, Algy, who had
been carefully listening, smiles to himself,
and writes the address on his shirt-cuff. He
prepared to find Cicily, it is impossible in our
life.He is not serious in marriage. He saw marriage
just a part of his life, but too important. He told
Ernest if he married he will find a mistress. In
this point, you could see he is a irresponsible man.
He seems like Ernest, he also use the another name
to pretent other people.I think he looks like a
gentleman and handsome man, he is wearing some
sedate and dark shirt and trosures to conceal his
Ernest, who is a romantic man. He loves Gwendolen
very much.He said"I'm not a Bunburyist at all. If
Gwendolen accepts me, I an going to kill my brother,
indeed I think I 'll kill him in any case. Cecily
is a little too much interested in him. It is
rather a bore. So I am going to get rid of Ernest.
And I strongly advise you to do the same with
Mr...with your invalid friend who has the absurb
name." so you could see he is single-minded than
Algy. He hasn't his ideas, when Ernest asked her
to marry her, her mother Lady Bracknell came and
ask Ernest to stand up, but Gwendolen said he
hasn't finished his proposal, so he can't stand
up. However, I want to know if Gwendolen didn't
accept his proposal, will he kill his brother or
still cheat Cecily? I think he looks like a
gentleman,too. but he is not handsome and maybe
just a normal face, because he is 29 years old
and still a bachelor. He has two different
spirits, one of Ernest and one of Jack.
Lady Bracknell ,who is Gwendolen's mother,was
fond of money. When she know Ernest proposed
Gwendolen, she asked him what is his income.
When she know he has between seven and eight
thousand a year. She almost want to accept this
marriage, but when she knew he didn't know who
are his parents. She can't accept this, she asked
him "I would strongly advise you, Mr Worthing,to
try and acquire some relations as soon as
possible, and to make a definite effort to
produce at any rate one parent,of either sex,
before the season is quite over." I think this
marriage is between Gwendolen and Ernest, she
ordered her daughter waited for her in the
carriage and she asked Ernest alone. It seems
not fair to Gwendolen, and if Ernest anything
is alrigh, I think Lady Bracknell will accept
this marriage, because the main problem is
Ernest is a rich man, another thing is not
important.I think she looks so ugly, when I think
her eyes are full of money, I think she just
talk to rich man and ingratiate them but when
she saw the poor men, she just avoided them and
didn't near them.She dressed very beautiful
although she is a old woman and she always make
up to make her pretty than other women, she want
to talk the false of other people. She is a
terrible woman.
Gwendolen,who is full of ideal,she haven't thought
anythings in details. For example, she saw Ernest
just several times, she had accepted his proposal,
she choose her husband because of his name not his
person. When Ernest asked that if his name name
wasn't Ernest was Jack, Won't she married him?
She said"Jack?... No, there si very little music
in the name Jack,if any at all, indeed. It does
not thrill. It produces absolutely no
vobrations.... I have known several Jacks,
and they all, without exception, were more than
usually plain. Besidesm Jack is a notorious
domesticity for John! And I pity any woman who
is married to a man called John. She would
probably never be allowed to know the entrancing
pleasure of a single moment's solitude. The only
really safe name is Ernest." I think she looks
like a fool, and a little bit fat,because she
just want to enjoy her meterial life, she don't
know anything in the world. She seems like her
mother, she dressed very pretty and wore a
low-cut dress.


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