The Important of Being Earnest

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In Act II, we can find out that Miss Prism is a very "conservative" and "serious" woman for she thinks it*s very important to read "something" that is commended by Jack before his leaving for London. However, when she met Chasuble she becomes a little bit "shy" and also gives lots of hints to him by words as possible as she can. I think it really very funny. And as for Cecily, I think she is a very "funny and a little bit stupid" girl for at times she acts very absurdly, such as the engagement and the break of it with Mr. Ernest that is actually made by herself. She is a girl with lots of day dreams who doesn*t think too much while dealing with things. And I think it*s also very ridiculous for a girl to agree a proposal that is made by a man whom she just met. Don*t you think it very unbelievable as well? And as to Gwendolen, we can figure out that she is a very "changeable" girl for she thinks what she think and what she say are all right and suitable. The reflection of Gwendolen towards Cecily is very interesting and funny as Gwendolen knows that whom they love is the person named Ernest. For she is very polite and acts very elegantly at the first time when she meet Cecily. How can a person change so much at the very short time??
I*m really very surprised at Algy*s appearance in act 2, and I think he is very "smart" and "sly" for he pretends himself to be Mr. Ernest out of the curiosity towards Miss Cecily. And as for Jack, I think he is also very smart for he states that his poor, wicked brother, Ernest, is dead in Paris after his success at the proposal to Gwendolen. I think that perhaps Jack feels "guilty" for he wants to be christened no matter he knows he has done it before or not. And regarding to Mr. Chasuble, he is a learned person. But it seems that he cannot concentrate on his occupation of being a priest. He still flirts with Ms. Prism with his second rate " Bee Metaphor ".
I think the plot of the play is getting more and more interesting. And I am enjoying the play very much now!!


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