The Importance of Being Earnest

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The plays are written for the audiences to
accept some actual or unreal stories in different
way from just reading the books. One play is
usually performed by actors and actresses who have
to use utmost their body language to convey to the
audiences what the original writer want to
express. We can say that it's another style or
technique of art. When the characters perform on
the stage, the performance is physical and visual.
So the character's own expressions, their dressing,
the backgroundmusic, the stage property or even
the lamplight are very important rewuirements for
a successful play. If we wre cautious, we even
can observe a role's specific quality by his or
her stage dialogue most of time.
As far as the first act concerned, the story
is not finished yet. However, we can already
associate a little bit with their own nature. The
main roles of the first act are Algernon, Jack,
Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen. algernon is the
nephew on Lady Bracknell and the cousin of
Gwendolen. Jack is one of his friends who is
interested in his cousin Gwendolen. According to
several conversations between Algernon and Lane or
Jack, they reveal that the attitude about marriage
of Algernon is different from Jack. He regards
that he proposal is a kind of business rather than
a pleasure. He can't see anything romantis in
proposing. Te even mentioned that if ever he ger
married, he'll certainly try to forget the fact.
Originally i thought he is a pretty serious and
responsible man without any amusement. TO keep
reading, however, he said, "in married life three
is like company and two is none." It seems like
he is willing to be cynical. No wonder Jack made
fun of him that the Divorce Court was specially
invented for people whose memories are so
curiously constituted.
Actually, it's a little bit challenging to
imagine how Jack or Algernon looks like or their
dress, but it's quite interesting to suggest to
the appearance of Lady Bracknell. It's beyond
doubt that her clothing must be extremely
splendent and a little vulgar. When Jack is
explaining to Algernon why his so-called aunt
signed "little Cecily", he said, "You seem to
think that every aunts should be exactly like your
aunt! That is absured." We can get information
from this sentence that Lady Bracknell may be
pudgy or obese. In order ro match her shape,
frizzle may be the most appropriate hair style for
her. From her interpellation to Jack, it shows
that she is also a critical and practical woman.
The way how to perform this role must be pretty
interesting and full of challenge.
In a play or a drama, how to perform a
character completely and let the audiences accept
easily is a quite necessary expertise for the
actors and actersses. In my opinions, the best
way to get involved to the play is to pretend that
you wre one character of it and forget yourself.
When we really disremember ourselves, it will
become much easier to put our own affection into
the whole play.


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